What is X-Wing?

What is the X-Wing Miniatures Game?

This article is an introduction to X-Wing Miniatures Game, a dogfight, skirmish game set in the world of the Star Wars Universe. The game is by Fantasy Flight Miniatures.




The Game

You  can command the forces of  The Galactic Empire which include your standard Tie Fighter and then some more specialised variants such as the Tie Defender  or Tie Advanced. Or you can lead the Rebellion with spaceships such as the X-wing, Y-wing, B or A-wing.

There have been numerous additions such as the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett’s ship Slave 1 and the Lambda Class Imperial shuttle. Each ship is represented by a ready painted miniature which is a bonus for the time limited gamer

Most games and especially tournament games are played at 100 points. Each ship has numerous stat cards for different pilots some named such as Luke Skywalker,  Darth Vader and Biggs Darklighter or more lower ranking academy pilots. As well as the stat cards there are also points for pilots to upgrade their ships by using different cards, this maybe an additional skill or an R2 unit which allows the ships to perform different manoeuvres at various stages of the game.

The game is generally played on  3 foot by 3 foot mat, but you can play anywhere on a flat surface.


This is a photo of my second game with my son on our kitchen table.

The mechanics

Each ship has a manoeuvres dial which you secretly give and then each player takes turns depending on skill to first move their ships using manoeuvre templates. Once all moves are made, skill levels gain determine who gets to shoot first.

Using the custom made die, ships roll the appropriate dice for damage and if there any defence die these are rolled too. Depending on the type of damage, damage cards are either just left face down or placed upwards and damage is resolved. Once all shields are lost and the hull points are destroyed the spaceship is removed from play.

Being set in the Star Wars Universe the ships are readily recognisable and as time goes on Fantasy Flight are continuing to expand the range of ships including larger sized ships such as the Tantive IV


And more! An excitingly a whole new Imperial ship of equivalent class known as The Raider:


The game is quick to learn, but it takes time to fully understand the dynamics and potential combinations of the different ships, pilot abilities and upgrades.


There are several apps and websites to help build your Imperial or X-wing squadrons, which can assist your decision in what ships to buy as your fleet grows. Here is one below:

X-Wing Builder

Why play?

So what are the benefits of the game? Firstly all the ships are both highly detailed readily painted, there is also a good range of ships whether you are siding with the evil Galactic Empire or the Gallant Rebellion.

Finally with the Flight Path manoeuvring system once you’ve learnt the mechanics for X-wing you could also potentially start to play Star Trek Attack Wing



Or the Dungeon and Dragons Attack Wing,967645634869242003

Depending on your personal preference.

Well I hope this article has been helpful and you’ve got the X-Wing bug!

Crispian Woolford

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