X-Wing: Tie s/f Review – Quickdraw

With Wave 9 having just released i picked up a Tie s/f for our local gaming night. I was keen to test out one of the new pilots….


Having seen some initial feedback i was quite dubious about how it would perform, but first of all, here are the contents of the box. It includes:

  • Tie s/f model
  • Maneuver Dial
  • Zeta Specialist Pilot Card
  • Omega Specialist Pilot Card
  • “Backdraft” Pilot Card
  • “Quickdraw” Pilot Card
  • Wired Upgrade Card
  • Collision Detector Upgrade Card
  • Sensor Cluster Upgrade Card x 2
  • Special Ops Training Title Card
  • ID Tokens #57-59
  • Shield Tokens x 3
  • Stress Token
  • Focus Token
  • Critical Token
  • Target Lock Tokens EE/FF x 2


There are two named pilots in this expansion, Quickdraw and Backdraft. Quickdraw is the one that has me the most interested. His ability reads:


The most obvious benefit of this is that when someone attacks you, if they cause you to lose a shield, you will be able to perform a primary weapon attack back; assuming you have them in your arc. This is an additional attack so you would be attacking twice. Seems good so far.

Rage Against the Machine

I decided to go with the following build for Quickdraw in the two games I played with the tie s/f:

Electronic Baffle (system upgrade)

Special forces Tie (title)

Rage (Elite pilot Talent)

This gave me the opportunity to try out an interesting mechanic. Electronic baffle works as follows:


Whenever Quickdraw takes a stress or ion, assuming he has any shields left, he is able to lose a shield and perform a primary weapon attack. That’s either three dice out of the front arc or two out of the front and two out of the back due to the title.

This attack is performed at the instant you lose a shield so can occur outside of the combat phase.

This ability could be triggered in a number of ways:

  1. An enemy causes you to take a stress
  2. Perform a red maneuver
  3. Move through a debris cloud
  4. Trigger an EPT such as Rage or Push the limit

My build utilized Rage to inflict the stress on myself. It works as follows:


The way this all works together can be broken down as follows:

  1. Perform a maneuver with the enemy ending up in your arc (for this example we will assume there is one enemy in your front arc)
  2. Perform the action listed on the rage card
  3. Receive 2 stress tokens and a focus token
  4. Immediately discard one stress token and lose one shield
  5. Perform a primary weapon attack against an enemy ship. You have a focus and may re-roll 3 dice
  6. Combat phase begins
  7. Perform another primary weapon attack. you may re-roll up to 3 dice

You still have the option for attacking from your auxiliary arc as well. In the ideal situation you would have an enemy at range 1 of your front arc and another enemy at range 1 of your auxiliary arc. This would allow you to roll 14 attack dice in one turn!!!

An unimaginably difficult attack to set up but it wouldn’t be a huge stretch of the imagination to think you could get an enemy in your front and rear arc.

I think i prefer rage over push the limit in this situation. It does mean you can’t use the barrel roll like you would be able to with PTL but you get a focus and effectively a target lock for every single one of your attack this turn. Which could equate to 4 target locks. Plus it is two points cheaper.

Because you have discarded one of the stresses you are only left with one, performing a green maneuver next turn will allow you to perform actions again. Admittedly with PTL you would have more freedom due to being unstressed.

The List

My list for these practice games was:


Whisper is a good match for Quickdraw, you are going to want Quickdraw to take the initiative so that he can shoot at other PS9 aces before they have a chance to perform their actions. Whisper always wants the initiative for his advanced cloaking device.

Omega leader was the best i could do with the remaining points. He is a brilliant ship and would give me some end game prowess….hopefully.

The Games

In my first game i was up against Jake and Han. During the game i did manage to get Han in the front arc and Jake in the rear arc. putting out 4 shots was really good fun. I managed a couple of damage on jake and a few on Han.

Unfortunately for me my opponent had gotten wind of my list and so went with 97 points in order to take the initiative away from me!! Oh well i wanted a test!

As soon as i started stripping my own shields off of quickdraw i did start to worry about his survivability. My concerns were fairly well founded as he put out a lot of damage in the first two engagements but then was reduced to 1 hull shortly after.

Rage feels nice, its good action economy really even if it does limit you to Focus and TL.

The second game was against a 100pt rebel list of Tycho, Poe (Regen) and Jake. This time i had the initiative which was good. On the initial engagement i manage to get Tycho in arc with all of my ships. The double tap from Quickdraw plus whisper put him out of action before he had a chance to even shoot. It was 10 dice rolled in attack which felt very nice, I’m not sure my opponent agreed.

The same happened to Poe the next turn and he went down just as quickly with 12 attack dice this time before he got to shoot. The rerolls and focus from rage really helped here. He died to Jake shortly after having removed two shields himself.

First Impressions


My first impressions of Quickdraw are mixed. I love the potential damage output but am worried about how fragile he is. Removing my own shield isn’t going to help but 2 defense dice with no real defensive actions (you have one focus but it will be in high demand) isn’t something we imperial players are used to. Also not really being able to utilize the barrel roll if you are setting up an attack does make it harder to arc dodge.

I definitely don’t see Quickdraw as an ace using the build i used. He seems more of a quick damage dealer. For that reason i liked to keep him as cheap as possible i.e. Rage instead of PTL.

swx54_dialWhile i have heard grumblings about the dial,  having some hard reds could work in the players advantage. With electronic baffle it is possible to do a red 1 turn, stress so lose a shield a discard the stress then perform your shot. You then still have an action left.Or perform a talon roll and then shoot and have an action!

There is definitely something effective here with Quickdraw. I haven’t played around with any other builds but i am going to try this one out a few more times.

I would be very interested to hear other peoples opinions on Quickdraw and how you plan to use him…

Chris Whitehouse


  1. I have been playing QD with Vess and Yor/ palp and have been tearing lists apart. Yor allows Qd rage again and pull raging sloops. Why is there no love for this list?

    • That sounds really quite brutal. Ive grown very fond of rage i must admit. Might have to give this a go myself 😉

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