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Scenic bases are a great invention. Especially if you don’t have an entire army to base (like we skirmish wargamers!) it can be really satisfying to base your miniatures on sexy looking scenic bases.

But where to get them? Well, we’ve drawn up a list to help you!

List of scenic bases suppliers

The list below is in alphabetical order. We’ve tried to keep it as neutral as possible (but we’ll fail).

If shipping is listed as “worldwide”, we’ve checked the shipping conditions and price and have deemed them reasonable. Where this is not the case, we’ve listed our reservations.

Have any additions? Do let us know in the comments and we’ll add them!


Anvil Industry – UK

Produces resin base toppers. Interesting concept, great looking bases.

Shipping: worldwide, free over 40 pounds.

Antenociti scenic bases

Antenociti scenic bases

Antenociti’s Workshop – UK

Some of the best looking stuff you’ll find on this page. A lot of really slick looking sci-fi bases (designed for Infinity), but plenty of other stuff such as cobblestones or wasteland bases.

Shipping: worldwide

After Hours Workshop – Poland, EU

A small, but aesthetically pleasing selection of sci-fi bases and also terrain.

Shipping: worldwide, but not cheap.

Armorcast – UK

Small selection of resin bases. Do also carry movement trays and some really impressive looking, display-like scenic bases.

Shipping: worldwide


Bases 4 War – UK

Nice looking designs, mix between lipped and round bases. Both fantasy, sci-fi and for use in more historical settings.

Shipping: worldwide

Base X War – UK

Quite a few resin ranges: fantasy and sci-fi, mostly. Not that much choice within the ranges themselves, but the bases are really scenic and worth checking out.

Shipping: worldwide

BitsPudlo – Poland, EU

If you like skulls on your bases, look no further.

Shipping: through eBay.

Black Cat Bases – UK

A unique approach to all of this – metal base inserts. A variety of styles and sizes, do have a look.

Shipping: worldwide



Carries bases from several other manufacturers, but also some of their own.

Shipping: assuming worldwide, but hard to find info on the ageing webshop.

Customeeple – Spain, EU

Produce cardboard base toppers in various styles. Really flat and minimalistic, but still able to give character to your bases.

Shipping: worldwide


Daemonscape – UK

Selection of square and round resin bases. Skulls, derelict battle fields, rocks… and more.

Shipping: worldwide

DP 9 – Montreal, Canada

Listed here because of a special feature: they have hexagon-shaped scenic bases! Great if you play BattleTech or Heavy Gear.

Shipping: North America, costs are prohibitive to the rest of the world.

Death Ray Designs scenic bases

Death Ray Designs scenic bases

Death Ray Designs – USA

Really neat base inserts, terrain and tokens. Bases are designed for 40k, Infinity and Malifaux.

Shipping: North America, postage is not specified on the website (but we asked them about it and will update the article with their answer!).

DragonForge – US

A wide array of resin bases – round, lipped and square. Good casts, lots to choose from.

Shipping: worldwide (and reasonable)


Elrik’s Hobbies – US

Selection of urban, wild and steampunk resin bases. Notably also carry base converters 25mm -> 32mm.

Shipping: assuming worldwide, but unclear.

Escenorama – Spain, EU

Next to some really cool looking resin terrain, these guys also have a selection of round and square bases in resin.

Shipping: assuming worldwide, but unclear.


Ark scenic base by Fenris Games

Ark scenic base by Fenris Games

Fenris Games – UK

A rather unique selection of resin scenic bases, with its own distinctive style. Mostly lipped sets, but some regular ones as well. Regular styles, fantasy and sci-fi. Also carry base toppers. It must be said that the website can be a little dodgy in terms of showing photos properly. Also sell terrain and bits.

Shipping: worldwide

Fire Bucket Games – US

Resin bases in round, round lipped and square. Looks interesting enough, but the site doesn’t have the best photos. Special mention of their 25mm -> 30mm base rings.

Shipping: unclear, assumed worldwide


Games Workshop – Worldwide

GW has recently started producing plastic scenic bases for their ranges. In 25mm, 32mm and larger shapes and sizes. Honestly, they’re pretty awesome – and all ridden with skulls, either!

Shipping: worldwide

Gladius Game Arts – UK

A range of sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk resin bases. From cobblestones to urban streets to rocky deserts, it’s all there and it looks convincing. Have lipped bases, round bases, square bases and even multi-bases! Also carry base inserts for lipped bases.

Shipping: worldwide


Hexy – Poland, EU

Not a manufacturer themselves, but a stockist for many smaller Polish companies. Also carry miniatures, terrain, tokens, etc so definitely worth a look.

Shipping: worldwide

Happy Games Factory – France, EU

Carry some interesting looking post-apoc themed resin bases for their game system, Eden.

Shipping: worldwide


Kromlech – Poland, EU

Just three ranges (Windfall/nature, Rocky Outcroppings and Junk City) but quite some choice within those ranges. Excellent looking.

Shipping: worldwide


Cobblestone scenic bases from Micro Art Studio

Cobblestone scenic bases from Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio – Poland, EU

Perhaps the standard for all resin bases out there. Great choice – from historical to steampunk to fantasy to sci-fi. Absolutely gorgeous looking. Their style is not reserved, the bases can become quite high and placing models is sometimes a challenge. But if you don’t mind that, you’re in for a repeat.

Shipping: worldwide


Rain City Hobbies – Canada

Absolutely worth checking out. Some designs that you won’t find elsewhere, such as “sea side”. Round lipped, round and base inserts.

Shipping: worldwide


Scale75 – US

Better known for their paints, Scale75 nevertheless carries a single set of 25mm scenic bases, as well as a 40mm set. They’re kind of cool, really.

Scibor Miniatures – Poland, EU

Kind of outrageous bases sets – but really cool looking. They’re not subtle, but if you don’t care about that, go check thee guys out.

Shipping: worldwide

Secret Weapon – US

Quite the selection of resin bases. There is something for everyone here.

Shipping: worldwide


Thor Miniatures – Poland, EU

A really excellent looking selection of resin bases in both fantasy as well as sci-fi. Also sport some MDF base inserts, or you can just order regular ol’ plastic bases in various shapes and sizes. Also carry some nice looking terrain.

Shipping: worldwide.

Tiny Worlds – UK

Really great set of ranges in round, lipped and square.

Shipping: worldwide

Top Down Terrain

Small, but great looking selection of MDF sci-fi bases.

Shipping: worldwide

TT Combat – US

Absolutely crazy cool selection of terrain, but also carry some resin bases. They even have clear acrylic bases if that’s your thing.

Shipping: worldwide


Scenic bases from Warsenal for Dark Age

Warsenal – US

Tremendously slick looking bases, mostly in the sci-fi range of things. Specifically carry lines for Infinity and Dark Age, but you should of course free to use the bases however you please!

Shipping: worldwide

Wyrd Games – US

The company behind Malifaux provides players with a range of suitably steampunk bases and inserts.

Shipping: worldwide


Zen Terrain – Poland, EU

Next to a really tight looking line of terrain, Zen Terrain also creates a rather unique set of base toppers. Like earlier mentioned Customeeple, these toppers are made from high-density cardboard.

Our review here.

Shipping: worldwide



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