Warworld Gaming Resin Scatter Terrain

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

Warworld Gaming resin scatter terrain comes from a special part of the wargaming world. Warworld Gaming is actually a UK manufacturer of products for diorama building.

Even if you haven’t heard of them before, you’re already more familiar with Warworld than you might think! If you’ve ever bought grass or tufts from Warlord Games, then you’ve held Warworld products! Warworld is the primary supplier for Warlord when it comes to diorama products.

And in addition to those products, they have some nice pieces of resin terrain you can use in your games. Let’s take a look at those now!

First off, a big shout out to Martyn Reese for sending us these pretty pieces to review!!

Warworld Gaming Resin Scatter Terrain: Barrels and Crates

Whether you’re playing Infinity or Batman or anything else: you need scatter terrain. Warworld Gaming provides some very crisp looking resin barricades, barrels and crates.

Let’s start with the barrels and crates!

Here’s the package you’ll get when you order:

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

Now admittedly you will need a lot of these in order to get your table filled (especially if you’re playing Infinity!).

So, I had a better idea! The Batman Miniature Game requires something to represent the Titan Container and Ammo objectives. These barrels and crates seemed well suited for that purpose

I set out to add them to some bases I had just finished sculpting with greenstuff:

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

And here’s what they look like painted:

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

The size is just right for the 35mm scale of BMG.

The pack also comes with a bigger crate, but I didn’t have an immediate use for it. I haven’t painted it yet.

What do they cost? Just four quid. And for that price, these sci-fi barrels and crates are really quite nice.

Grab your pack over here on the Warworld Gaming website.

Warworld Gaming Resin Scatter Terrain: Barriers and bunker

Equally crisp looking are these barricades. They are nice, hefty feeling chunks of resin (if you can make resin feel heavy, I feel you deserve extra points!).

The products as received:

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

The bigger barrier proved to be a bit of a challenge to assemble. My superglue wouldn’t take all that well on the surface of it (even though it’s a little rougher at the connecting parts).

Some patience, priming and some paint later, however, here’s what got me:

warworld gaming resin scatter terrain warworld gaming resin scatter terrain

As you can see, these barriers as well are very suitable for use in 28mm (Infinity) or even 35mm (BMG). Providing you with some solid cover to protect your models with.

As for the cost, the barricades come in at £4,99 for a set of 3. The barrier is £6, which I find a bit steep for a single piece of terrain of this size. I could easily see myself buy another two sets of barricades, but the bunker doesn’t seem quite as good value (unless you really like the aesthetic, which is admittedly very sleek).

Warworld Gaming Resin Scatter Terrain: Verdict

I can heartily recommend both the barrels & crates as well as the barrier kits from Warworld Gaming. The casting quality is excellent and the resin used feels nice and sturdy.

Whether the design is to your liking is, of course, completely subjective. I for one will be using the barriers and crates in both my Infinity as well as my Batman games. In fact, ordering another two sets of the regular barricades (not the bunker) seems like a solid investment for some low-height cover.

My only gripe is that Warworld haven’t produced higher barricades yet. I would imagine a set of walls in this style would look really good on conjunction with the current terrain.

Grab your kits here: Warworld Gaming.

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