28mm Saxons by V&V Miniatures review

28mm Saxons

The new 28mm Saxons from V&V Miniatures are a great excuse to bring up the company again.

Our first article introducing V&V Miniatures here on Skirmish Wargaming was a direct hit. In fact, that article on 28mm Vikings remains one of the best-found and most-read articles on the entire blog.

Therefore, it’s with great anticipation that we take a look at V&V Miniatures’ new 28mm Saxons in this review!

28mm Saxons from V&V Miniatures

V&V Miniatures only started out last year (at the time of writing, that was 2015). However, the Ukrainian company has been steadily releasing more and more of their exquisite resin models for us to enjoy. Since the last review, there’s been a Viking command set and a couple of 40mm additions.

Here’s how the boxes look when you get them:

28mm Saxons

28mm Saxons

28mm Saxons: contents

The warriors box gets you four warriors, of whom two are armed with swords, one is armed with a spear and one has a two-handed axe.

28mm Saxons

If you play SAGA like I do, this setup isn’t the best you could find. A single two-handed axe figure is of no use in that game: you’d need four, at least, to add another point of Hearthguard to your Anglo-Danish army. Meanwhile, while the other three figures are easily added to a unit of warriors or Hearthguard, a number of three isn’t ideal.

That being said, I’ll just be putting the axe guy in between the regular warriors or Hearthguard. Until I get a few more axe-wielding friends for him to form a posse with!

The archers all come armed with bows (surprise!) and are fairly similar.

The figures are all neatly packaged and come with their own bases. The 28mm Vikings we got last year came with very plain, flat bases: these figures come with new ones, that are slightly textured:

28mm Saxons

They’re kind of odd, I suppose. Kind of feels like I could make cool fatigue markers out of them. I’m not convinced how well they’d look underneath my models.

Hence I’ll be putting my guys on 2mm MDF bases, like the rest of my SAGA models.

28mm Saxons: sculpts

As with the Vikings, a pack of four 28mm Saxons comes with just two body types. However, the positioning of the arms and weapons is so distinct that you need to look twice in order to notice this fact.

I feel it’s been done even more cleverly than with the Vikings, but I still don’t understand why sculpting four different bodies is somehow out of the question. Then again, I’m not a sculptor, so I wouldn’t know.

The models come together very well. The “slots” where arms go are very distinct and fit well:

28mm Saxons

The poses are interesting enough, if somewhat conventional. I feel the archers are a little awkward, with their necks a tad on the long side.

28mm Saxons

The detail, on the other hand, is just stunning!

The pouches, folds in the cloth… and especially the faces! It’s all there and it’s crisp as can be.

I just love resin! Yes, you have to be a little more careful with it (and yes, the spear is a bit bendy), but man… they just blow metal – and especially plastic – minis out of the water.

28mm Saxons: size comparison

So how do they compare to other miniatures on the market?

From left to right: Gripping Beast Dark Age plastic, V&V Miniatures Saxon, Drabant Miniatures Saxon, Saxon Miniatures Saxon Warlord. And my apologies for the crappy pic, I really need to get myself a new phone:

28mm Saxons

As you can see, the V&V models is less chunky than its cousins. The proportions are somewhat more realistic, hence he’s thinner and taller in comparison.

However, I would have no qualms using them with my existing models. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ll do!

28mm Saxons: the verdict

Just like the Vikings, these 28mm Saxons are the sexiest dark age minis you’ll find when it comes to detail. Resin might not be for everybody, but otherwise I definitely recommend these to anyone playing SAGA or any other dark age wargame.

You can get yours over here on the V&V Miniatures website.

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