V&V Miniatures 28mm Normans Review

28mm Normans are hot. Besides the excellent resin miniatures from V&V Miniatures that we’ll be looking at in this article, there’s a full range of Normans that came out earlier this year from Warlord Games (taking over the Saxon Miniatures range). In January 2018, we can expect a range from Footsore Miniatures.

It’s not hard to see why Normans are popular. These stout warriors’ historic achievements and adventures speak to the imagination. Over the course of the 11th century, the Normans conquered England, Southern Italy and even Palestine as part of the First Crusade.

Meanwhile, games like Saga are pushing the need for 28mm models and, subsequently, 28mm Normans.

Which is all great, since we’ll have something to choose from! And to help you do that, we’ll first look at the 28mm Normans from V&V Miniatures!

V&V Miniatures

We first reviewed V&V Miniatures Vikings back in 2015. V&V Miniatures had just launched with only 2 Viking kits. Being resin and very detailed, the models scratched a specific itch. Not long after, V&V also released Anglo-Saxons, which we also reviewed.

The 28mm range has grown tremendously since then, a testimony to the company’s success. There are now 5 Saxon kits and a whopping 8 Viking kits.

There’s also a 40mm and even a 54mm range of insanely pretty models. It just makes me sad all these models are not also available in 28mm!

28mm normans

28mm Normans

Now V&V has added 28mm Normans to the mix. Starting with three kits: one with four armoured infantry models, one with four cavalry models and one with eight crossbowmen.

Let me fly straight at it. At the risk of repeating myself: the models are gorgeous. I’ll one-up that: they are the prettiest 28mm models set in the dark age period I have ever seen.

The detail is so crisp it makes you wonder if other companies are leaving out detail on purpose, or if V&V is just that good.


28mm normans

There’s horses, too, of course!

Let me first say something about the way these models are constructed. They’re freaking perfect. All limbs come with extensions that actually fit their corresponding slots. Hands are, with some exceptions, pre-drilled (in my initial kit, I had one imperfectly drilled hand – fortunately, I keep a small drill close by), though getting a weapon through sometimes require a bit of fiddling.


Part of the reason for the detail on these models is because of the material: resin.

In discussing this material with fellow gamers, I keep running into people that have had bad experiences with it. Horror stories include bendy bits, fragility, bubbles forming under the paint as gasses are released… scary stuff.

Me? I haven’t had a problem. Not with ForgeWorld back in the day, not with the myriad of resin bases I’ve used over the years and not with the V&V Miniatures here.

28mm normans

The second set of Norman infantry was just released.

Okay, some of the weapons are, indeed, a bit bendy. But it’s nothing like you’ll find on soft-plastic miniatures included with some boardgames.

If this bothers you, you could replace the weapons with metal ones. Or hard plastic ones.

Then fragility. This has only been a minor inconvenience for me during construction of the models. I had a foot snap off during the construction of the Vikings and a hand when working with these Normans. Unfortunate, but if you take care it’s nothing to worry about.

I’ve also asked some other V&V customers and no one is reporting problems. So, buy without worries I’d say.


28mm normans

The detail on the vests is superb.

Oh, one final mention here: these casts are so, SO clear. When I put the four foot knights together, I had to remove a SMALL piece of flash somewhere. That was it. The others were totally clean.

Tell me about the last metal model you had that was flash-clean on delivery. Go on, I’ll wait.


V&V 28mm Normans

Another great addition to the V&V range, these 28mm Normans will serve Saga players everywhere quite well. Or any other dark ages wargame!

Pricing still comes in at €12 for 4 infantry figures and €24 for 4 cavalry figures.

Grab your 28mm Normans from V&V right here.

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