Tiny Worlds 30mm Cobblestone Bases – Review

In this small review we take a look at a set of 30mm lipped bases bought from Tiny Worlds miniatures.

The Details

These bases are listed as 30mm Round Lipped Cobblestone Scenic Miniature Bases. I purchased them from ebay for £5.99 including postage for a bag of 10 assorted but they can be purchased directly from their website for £4.99.


These are a bit cheaper than some others which can retail at around a fiver for 5. So far so good.

They are made of resin and come unpainted. They were intended for the models from the Batman Miniatures game but could equally be used with games such as Malifaux or the marvel miniatures game.

I prefer the look of the round edged bases to the square edged ones. They give more of a display quality look.


The quality of the bases straight out of the packet are great, I did not have any issues with flash or with mould lines and the casting was spot on.


A little cleaning is required to ensure paint sticks to them properly but this is the case with most, if not all, resin products. A bit of fairly liquid in cold water will do the trick.

Paint goes on well and because there really aren’t any large flat areas they are very easy to paint. A couple of drybrushes will do a good job for those wishing to paint them quickly.

I like the cobblestone look of them and the gutters are a nice touch, allowing you to have some fun with water effects if you wish.

My one gripe is that the central scenic part of the base is not raised up from the edges like some others are. This means they might not mix and match so well with other brands but for almost half the price you probably wont want to use ones from other brands.

Below is a comparison of before and after.


Overall these are great bases and cheap, whats not to like…

Chris Whitehouse

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