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Knight Models have recently announced the release of the DC Universe game. This announcement was joined by the release of the Batman V Superman (Trinity) force for the game.

As if this was not good enough they followed this with an updated rule book for DCU and also included stat cards for a number of existing BMG miniatures that can be used in this game. Below is the stat card for the Man of Steel and if you have been following the other articles you will notice that it looks a bit familiar.

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What has this to do with Marvel

As you can see the stat card is exactly the same as the ones used in the Marvel game. Well all bar one or two tiny details, like the overall color scheme and the supernatural defence icon. Other than that everything else works in exactly the same way as in the Marvel game. Yes there are two separate rule books but the basic rules and game mechanics are exactly the same. The great thing about this is that you can now play all DC, all Marvel or Marvel Vs DC.

Future articles

As the rules for these games are the same any previous articles and any to follow regarding the rules or game mechanic will cover both the DC Universe and Marvel Universe game. I will be taking a look at different characters from both of these games individually but will be noting their individual strengths and weaknesses in relation to the combined universe. So until next time happy gaming.



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