28mm sci-fi terrain from Terra Cutter

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain

Finding good 28mm sci-fi terrain isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be. There’s quite a few small terrain companies out there that produce awesome stuff.

In this article, I want to put one of those awesome small companies in the spotlight: Terra Cutter from Russia!

28mm sci-fi terrain from Terra Cutter

Terra Cutter brings us 28mm sci-fi terrain in MDF, all the way from Russia.

Yurij, the man behind Terra Cutter, currently operates his shop from eBay. You can find it here.

He sent Skirmish Wargaming two buildings from his latest line to review. Which we very much appreciate!

Let’s see what these Terra Cutter buildings are all about…

One thing that immediately struck me is a new trend in MDF terrain: it’s all pre-cut! Used to be that you needed to (sometimes forcefully) dislodge the MDF from its frame.

No longer! As you can see, all the pieces came ready to be put together:

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Putting it together

The buildings didn’t come with instructions, but honestly there was no need. The construction was straightforward and all the pieces make sense.

There’s a ground floor with a staircase and a hatch in the floor. Although these buildings are currently the only ones available, Yurij is planning to add addition stories to the range. Hence the hatch: you’ll be able to put this building on top of another and accommodate the staircase.

Terra Cutter does already have a line of stackable buildings, though. They are called the “Ghetto” line and also have balconies. Be careful not to mix these up with the buildings in this review, though, as Yurij has warned me that they do not mix!

Here’s how that ground floor looks on both buildings:

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain

I quite like the design of the roof. First of all, it’s got solid railings. When you’re playing Infinity, this is a huge plus. Many companies like to work with open fences, but the problem with that (when playing Infinity) is that you want to be able to deploy models prone, out of sight.

You could house-rule that open railings block sight, of course. Still, I prefer my railings closed off, like on this terrain!

The hexagon pattern on the roof clearly marks this terrain as a contender for use in Infinity. Because in the Bright Anime Of the Future, There Are Only Hexagons. Right?

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain

Also note the sleek lines engraved all over the building’s sides. Very sci-fi looking and quite nice for distribution of colors.

The roof features two openings that accommodate the bridges in Terra Cutters line. They are quite exposed, but you can buy barriers to shield your models (again, important in Infinity!).

With a 28mm figure for scale:

Terra Cutter28mm sci-fi terrain

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain: verdict

Though the range is still small, I quite like these buildings from Terra Cutter.

The design is sleek and, with its bridges and (future) stackability, allows for lots of modularity in your table setups.

Worth mentioning also is the price of these buildings: the larger one comes in at a mere $15. The smaller one will set you back $13, with a set of 5 bridges costing only $9. Even if you factor in the hefty postage from the Russian Federation ($22 to my country, the Netherlands) this isn’t expensive by any stretch of the imagination!

Some more pics:

Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain Terra Cutter 28mm sci-fi terrain

And as Terra Cutter sells through eBay, you can be sure any orders you make are completely protected by their seller protection program.

Go support entrepreneurs like Yurij and buy some of his terrain right here in his eBay shop.

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  1. In the near future, all the houses will be altered so that the door will be opened to the side and can not be lost.
    For the details. Since the sorting of parts to leave a lot of time, the fine details have to be separated from one of the big parts. It’s not scary. Larger items are delivered separately.

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