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Christmas is fast approaching folks and for some it looks like it has come early.

During the last two weeks knight models have teased images of the two crews due to be released in the suicide squad starter set. They are the Suicide Squad and a Joker crew, both modeled to represent the characters from the recently released movie.

Ill admit, when they first teased this idea I was a little shocked. No-one anticipated that they would acquire the license and release the models so quickly. A very nice surprise indeed.

And now we have two full crews and some of the most fantastic sculpts I have seen for a long time.

If you haven’t seen the pictures here they are.

The Suicide Squad



Starting with the suicide squad themselves I think they have done a fantastic job with the models, they all reflect the characters from the movie very well.

My personal favorite is probably Killer Croc!! Many will disagree but I do like the feel of that model, hooded and menacing.

Initially I was a bit disappointed that Deadshot wasn’t masked but Knight Models have stated that he comes with his mask too!! Which I’m sure is going to look terrifying and makes me very happy.

There isn’t a sculpt I don’t like here. Katana is a brilliant alternative to the one we already have and she will find her way into several of my crews.

Harley is similar pose to the Arkham Harley but the model has a very different aesthetic so they wont get confused.



On to the Joker crew, these are equally as brilliant. I’m even tempted to say I prefer these models than some of the suicide squad themselves. I have been playing with a Joker crew recently including at the last tournament so more henchmen can only ever be a good thing.

I have heard rumblings from people complaining that its more Joker models instead of a different crew but the crew fits the theme of the set and will attract new players to the game. More players can only be better for all of us.

bearMy personal favorite is the cos player, the teddy bear himself. I can wait to have him moving through the streets of Gotham spreading joy and cheer to its inhabitants 🙂

Suffice to say all of the models will look great in a collection.

They have teased some of the rules but ill save analysis of those for another occasion.

The Starter Set

As for the starter set itself. We now know that it will include the two crews shown above, my guess is that a rulebook and some counters/tokens will complete the box.

I had considered whether they would include some sort of game mat or scenery but I doubt that will happen. As long as it includes all of the components necessary to play a game then I’m sure it will be a success.

The only stumbling point for new players may be the price, with this many good models and other components I cant see it costing less than £100.

For me though, I’m already sold, if only as a collectors piece these have to find their way into my collection.

Chris Whitehouse

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