Sigur’s Introduction

Hi, I am Sigur, one of the contributors to this fine wargaming site.

You may know me from Tale of Painters, my own website Battle Brush Studios, Facebook or various wargaming-related forums.


Quick Bio

Just a quick overview of my bio in terms of gaming: I have been a wargamer for about eighteen years now. Like most people of my generation, I got into miniatures wargaming via GW/MB’s Heroquest, Battle Masters and Space Crusade.

Around the early/mid 1990s dungeon crawler boardgames were immensely popular (as they are now again, funnily enough) so my siblings and I quickly assembled a little collection of miniatures. That aside, I have always been into pen&paper role-playing games as well as scale model building and painting.


Needless to say that the prospect of combining all these things I loved doing into one thing when I first spotted Warhammer 40,000 (then second edition) in a model store was more than tempting and I bought the boxed set. As usual with new 40k players, I went through armies very fast. From Blood Angels over Chaos Space Marines to Orks to Imperial Guard.

I didn’t buy huge armies of each, mind you. Back then GW had gone back from their excellent multi part plastic kits of the early 1990s to almost all metal stuff and many, many hybrid kits. Wee Sigur couldn’t afford to get real armies of that back then at once. And keep in mind that 40k armies were about half the number of models they are now.


Imperial Guard was what I stuck with for many years to come, later on I added Sisters of Battle, Tau, a bunch of Squats and then, years later, my ‘dream army’ of all 1st and 2nd edition 40k Orks. In the late 1990s I also got into Necromunda and Gorkamorka.

Painting by commission 

Despite the fact that I didn’t play much, especially between about 2005 and 2010, I always kept on painting 40k and Warhammer Fantasy figures, with some additional stuff here and there.  From 2005 on I started taking painting commission jobs for a local shop and gamers all over the world. About five years later, Battle Brush Studios was born and has been going strong ever since then. If you ever need something painted, sculpted and so on – feel free to contact me any time!


In terms of gaming things got into motion again in 2011, when after a long time of following the goings-on around the game I took the plunge and got into Infinity. In the same year I started listening to the Meeples&Miniatures podcast, which I now view of one of the very pillars of my interest and inspiration in wargaming.

Through this podcast I got encouraged to look into historical wargaming and many, many other genres of miniature wargaming outside of the narrow world of mainstream fantasy/sci-fi gaming. Since then I am an avid gamer again and not once looked back.


The social side

This phase also was pivotal in shaping the outlook on miniature wargaming I have now: The best things about miniature wargaming are the social aspect and the variety the hobby offers. There are so many miniature manufacturers, so many rule sets worth playing, so many highly interesting topics.

I think it is safe to say that when it comes to wargaming, I’m all about the variety and the small suppliers or rules and miniatures. I’m not a fan of some companies’ aim to be a one-stop solution to all your wargaming needs. It may be convenient to some people, but ultimately is not to the boon of the wargaming community.

This is not to say that I don’t own any miniatures or products sold by Warlord Games, Gripping Beast, Army Painter or Games Workshop. That would be daft. I do believe though that lesser known rule sets and miniature lines deserve our attention.

Coming in to land…

Let me wrap this article up by saying that I am probably a painter first, gamer second. However, I am very passionate about wargaming. I don’t play one or two rules sets exclusively. Rather than doing that, I have got a big bookshelf of wargaming rules, miniatures for various periods and at several different scales.


Other than the other guys here on the site (who are specialists and actually know what they are talking about), I will present you with not only pretty pictures of painted miniatures I worked on, but also with a wide variety of skirmish wargames, rules/miniatures/terrain reviews and battle reports. Maybe I will add in the occasional editorial style ramblings about trends, observations, news and comments in and about skirmish wargaming.

So I will be the resident hobby magpie with a slightly snarky bent. 😉

But really, I will mostly chat about what I enjoy. Other than on my site and Tale of Painters, I will talk more about the gaming side of things on this site rather than just painting. For a long time I was thinking of getting a separate blog to talk about games I enjoy so I am very happy to be part of this site and finally get to write about gaming a bit more.

I hope that in this article I could put across what I’m about when it comes to wargaming, where my focus of interest lies and what you can expect to see of me in the future.

Sigur Squirl

Sigur is the painter behind "Battlebrush Studios" and a familiar face in many wargaming circles online. Plays a metric ton of skirmish wargames and shares his experiences here on the blog.

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