SAGA at Poldercon 2015

This February 8th, Utrecht was host to Poldercon 2015! You’ve seen the pictures of the Batman Miniature Game: now enjoy SAGA!

With Gripping Beast supporting the demo with free (yes FREE! models – sucks that you weren’t there huh?), SAGA-master Ivo Bleijenberg introduced novices to mysteries of the 28mm skirmish game.

The scenario? A column of Crusaders caught by surprise by the Saracens!

The take-away? Instead of reforming and meeting the Saracens on equal footing, the trigger-happy newbie Crusader players all resolved to charge their equestrian enemies!

The result? Dead Crusaders. Four times in a row. *facepalm*

Enjoy the pics! And thank you Gripping Beast for your support!!


Ivo explains the newbs that unless the Crusaders HOLD, the Saracens win. Always.


“No, listen… you reform ranks and you HOLD.” – “Right… hold… CHAAAAARGE!!!”




The Crusaders crash into the Saracen horsemen.


Shoot? CHARGE!


At this point Ivo has given up hope that the next players will fare any better with the bloodthirsty Crusaders…

A closer look at the Arabs. They did win a lot.

A closer look at the Arabs. They did win a lot.



Henrik Becker

Henrik plays wargames in order to hold on to the last part of his masculinity, which is in constant danger due to the sheer amount of daughters at home. Favourite game is SAGA by Studio Tomahawk.

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