Ronin: First Game Battle Report


Early last summer my regular gaming nemesis and I went on a little trip to meet The Third Guy (as well as his lovely family, his wine cellar and his  beer and barbecue foodstuffs reserves), Constable, for a weekend of jolly good times with toy soldiers.

On Friday, we had a 2on1 game of Ronin. Mr.Nemesis’ warband held a village which Constable and I had to storm. It was the first game of Ronin any of us had, but we rather quickly settled into the rules. We didn’t bother much with points values and set up what looked somewhat plausibly fun to play.

The table:



 Highly pretty, isn’t it? It’s a group effort too. I supplied the large house as well as the bamboo, Mr.Nemesis supplied the cherry trees, the rest of course is Constable’s.

This is the village which was to be defended




Constable’s Warband







He went for unarmoured Samurai as an experiment. To make up for this his leader in light blue was a tip top skilled Samurai.

Mr.Nemesis’ troops took position:



See his clan’s mon? “The Broccoli” as we named it. THIS is why I’m happy I went with Takeda and their comparatively simple mon. 😀

And finally my own warband, who were going to attack from the hills:


The game started, constable’s guys advanced under the fire from the well-fortified archers in the village. His guys shot back, but due to distance and cover, bows (Yumi) and arquebuses (Teppo) proved to be mostly ineffective until the village defenders managed to get a few lucky hits in via concentrated fire on constable’s poor Teppo Guy.

In the meantime I advanced down the slope.


“We demand entrance into this village of yours to honourably claim it from your master!” – “nuh-uh”




“So it must come to battle!”




And quite the combat ensued. After a first round in which, as I have to admit, rolled really, really well and prolonged combat thereafter, The Good Guys prevailed:


(image courtesy of constable) 

In the meantime, Constable’s unarmoured Samurai, supported by two slightly wounded Ashigaru, launched an attack against the other part of Nemesis’ warband which happened to include his leader.


(image courtesy of constable)

The unarmoured Samurai didn’t fare too well but held their own for a while, the leader, deadly wounded, still managed to gravely wound a hapless Ashigaru with his last move (that’s a cute little Ability, I think it’s called Tough. After a model is killed he/she may carry out one more full attack. Very Samurai.). By this time my warband had broken through and rushed through the village to help their comrades but it was too late. One Ashigaru still kept up the fight but the Samurai had fallen.


(image courtesy of constable)

After a salvo at close range from my guys’ teppo and two archers my Samurai and Ashigaru (some wounded) charged the enemy and managed to cut them down quickly. The game was over and the village was conquered.

Hugely entertaining game. Everyone involved enjoyed it and the terrain and table of course played a large part in the pleasantness of the whole affair. We all were rather impressed with the Ronin rules. Very quick and rather fun with that little poker element of allocating tokens and such.

I hope you enjoyed this battle report. If you have any questions or comments, put them up here in the comments section or in the forums!

Sigur Squirl

Sigur is the painter behind "Battlebrush Studios" and a familiar face in many wargaming circles online. Plays a metric ton of skirmish wargames and shares his experiences here on the blog.


  1. The game board is very impressive, I am currently starting a Ronin project and was curious about the size of your board. I know the rule book states 2×2 to 3×3 but I wanted to see from someone who has played the game what they thought. Once again great miniatures and scenery.

    • Thanks, Shawn!

      This is a friend’s board, but I’m sure it’s about 4′ by 4′. Which pretty much is the minimum I’d play anything on. And I agree, it’s an amazing table. 🙂

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