Pwork Wargames Dark Gotham Gaming Mat Review

pwork wargames dark Gotham gaming mat

Pwork Wargames recently released their new Dark Gotham gaming mat. If you’re looking for a way to make your urban playing surface look dark and gritty, look no further!

Dark Gotham Gaming Mat

pwork wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

Reviewing Pwork Wargames gaming mats is always a pleasure. Check out our reviews of their PVC Woodland mat and The Valley mousemat (that last one also giving a glimpse into how Pwork develops their mats. Worth checking out!).

This particular mat, Dark Gotham, is intended to provide a dark and gritty playing surface. As the name indicates, a prime candidate is a game of the Batman Miniature Game! But you could just as easily use it for all Zombie related games, or anything else in an urban setting.


pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

The mat came neatly rolled up in a cardboard box. It was really hard to make a good topdown picture of it rolled out on the kitchen table, mostly because of the lighting in my kitchen.

So, in order to get a proper idea of what the mat looks like in its entirety, note the official stock image above. Despite being stock, it’s nonetheless sufficiently representative of the actual product.

Note that the stock image shows the full 6×4 feet mat. The one I got for this review measures 3×3 feet and features the part of the mat with junction on the right.

pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

The gaming mat’s material is PVC. It’s not as durable as the mousemat material, but it sure is a lot lighter. While it was hard to make a topdown picture, the material isn’t that reflective at all in practice. It never once bothered me during games.

Detail and textures

As mentioned, the mat is pretty dark and gritty. It implies a night setting. That’s perfect for games of Batman, set in nighttime Gotham.

pwork wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

The textures are crisp, high resolution and appropriately chosen. The combination of asphalt, concrete and various other surfaces makes for an interesting – but never distracting – backdrop for your games.

At the same time, I wouldn’t think the mat would look especially out of place for “daytime” games, either. Yeah, it’s pretty dark, but not disturbingly so.


This 3×3 mat will set you back €34,50 with shipping around €15, which I consider reasonable. It’s also available in cloth (for an additional €4) if you prefer.

Dark Gotham Gaming Mat: Verdict

The best thing I can do is to leave you with some more pics of the mat in action! It’s featured in every game of Batman I’ve played recently. I’ve gotten jealous looks from the other guys at the club, which can only be a good thing!

pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

Compared to some other urban gaming mats I’ve seen it’s especially crisp looking and thematically on point. I’m really happy with it!

You can get yours right here on the Pwork website.


pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

pworks wargames dark Gotham gaming mat review

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