Pwork PVC Gaming Mat Review

Pwork PVC gaming mat

In this article we’ll review a Pwork PVC gaming mat. Pwork Paper Wargaming, as their name suggests, started out with printed paper wargaming terrain. They soon branched out into gaming mats – and quite successfully, too!

In a previous article we looked at a mousemat material gaming mat by GameMat.eu (check it out here if you haven’t, yet). Pworks is set to release their mats in mousemat materials soon, as well. For now, they offer cloth and PVC gaming mats.

Pwork PVC Gaming Mat: Overview

Despite the plethora of urban and industrial mats being released recently, I opted for a woodland themed mat for this review. Partly because I reviewed one of those for GameMat.eu, but also because its use is far wider. After all, you can play anything from historical battles to sci-fi skirmishes on it (depending on your terrain setup!).

As mentioned, this mat is made from PVC. Otherwise known as vinyl and best illustrated with a photo:

Pwork PVC gaming mat

Exactly, it’s like that stuff you put on your floor. If a little thinner.

Now apparently PVC is cheaper to manufacture than mousemat. Sure enough, a 6×4 feet Pwork PVC gaming mat will set you back €57,50, while the mousemat variant costs a hefty €69,90. And that’s excluding the shipping, which you can expect to be in the €20 ballpark. Ouch.

Which makes one wonder whether the mousemat material is worth the extra cost. Fortunately, I have ordered the same Woodland mat from Pworks in mousemat, so expect a comparison article on this site, soon!

For now, let’s focus on this mat.

Despite the cost, this mat is very pretty.

Here it is, spread out over my kitchen table:

Pwork PVC gaming mat

One of the major selling points for mousemat material is that fact that it stays completely flat. Indeed, the PVC does crawl up a little on the sides, but it’s nothing serious:

Pwork PVC gaming mat

Pwork PVC Gaming Mat: Print & Quality

The first thing that struck me taking this mat out of the long, rectangular box it came in (besides it not being in a cool carrying bag, which will be included with the mousemat version!) is the crispness of the print.

Remember I said the GameMat gaming mat was kind of blurry? Well, not this baby:

Pwork PVC gaming mat

You can easily make out cracks, patches of dirt and various forms of vegetations. The overall feel is very diverse and satisfying to look at.

Pwork PVC gaming mat Pwork PVC gaming mat

The colors blend in much better with the terrain I have than the GameMat mat. Of course that has more to do with my terrain collection, than with the manufacturer’s choice of colors. Still, I feel like the greens and browns used in this mat will match up well with what most wargamers have in their cupboards – generally speaking.

Pwork PVC gaming mat Pwork PVC gaming mat Pwork PVC gaming mat Pwork PVC gaming mat

Pwork PVC Gaming Mat: PVC notes

Although, as mentioned, I’ll leave the “versus” article for later, a few notes about the PVC material nonetheless:

  • It’s pretty stiff, which means you can store it upright and roll it up easily. Definitely plus for me.
  • I won’t know for sure until I see the mousemat variant, but it looks like the PVC printing is crisper than mousemat printing.
  • Sliding isn’t nearly as much of an issue as the mousemat vendors would like you to believe. Sure, you can pull it across the table. But it’s not like you need to be extra careful of it during gameplay.
  • The surface is pretty reflective. Minor con.
  • I’m not sure how the material will handle scratches on the longer run. My gut feeling is that they will start to add up and subtract from the prettiness of the mat. Up to you to handle your mat with care, I suppose.

Pwork PVC Gaming Mat: Verdict

I think the pictures are obvious: if you’re looking for a fast way to improve your gaming table, this mat will help you do that.

It’s not the cheapest option, but if time is an issue (or you just don’t like building gaming boards), this is your best bet.

Until we publish the versus article, I would love to know your opinion on PVC gaming mats. Let us know in the comments!

Henrik Becker

Henrik plays wargames in order to hold on to the last part of his masculinity, which is in constant danger due to the sheer amount of daughters at home. Favourite game is SAGA by Studio Tomahawk.


  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve had my eyes on this exact mat from pworks for a while but couldn’t find a review anywhere. Looking forward to the comparison with the mousepad variant. I suppose it’s to much too ask for a comparison with the cloth variant too? 😛 I’m wondering how well that could be used to drape over e.g. books to create hills etc.

    • Hi Mithras! Pwork is actually focusing on their mousemat mats, because they think it’s a superior product to both cloth as well as PVC. The only reason they sent me a PVC mat is because the mousemat variant isn’t available yet.

      Hence I feel it’s safe to say you probably don’t want to consider the cloth variant.

      That being said, I’ll ask if Pwork is interested in us doing a complete review of all three mats.

  2. Gamemat eu mousepad shipping rates:
    EUR 10 Germany, Asutria, Poland, Hungary
    EUR 15 All other European countries
    6×4 mat price EUR 69 – very small difference versus PVC EUR 57.5 mat which cannot lie flat and is shiny and can be scratched (you cannot scratch mousepad anyhow)

    • Hi Matous,

      I believe there is some kind of a mixup. This article is not referring your GameMat prices and shipping, but those handled by Pworks! Any and all comparisons (apart from the comment I made about the print) is in referral to Pworks only, not your mats!

      Hope that clears it up,


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