Plast Craft ColorED Review

Plast Craft ColorED

What’s so special about Plast Craft ColorED? Well, if you’re like me, you likely want a good looking table filled with terrain. Preferably, you know… painted. But painting terrain is an endeavor! What are you to do?

The least you can do is consider Plast Craft’s ColorED range – because it comes fully prepainted preprinted. You put it together – you’re done! Let’s have a closer look.

Disclaimer: the awesome folks at Plast Craft Games sent us two sets of ColorED to review. But we'll still be fair in our judgement!

Plast Craft ColorED

Plastcraft is known for their range of PVC wargaming scenery. Their basic of scenery contains unpainted, bare PVC plastic. Sturdy, but with the same obvious problem as MDF: you still gotta paint it!

Enter the Plast Craft Colored range. Fully preprinted, foamcore PVC scenery. You put it together, you’re done – unless you’re like me and you can’t help yourself in spiffing things up a bit more.

It comes in a variety of ranges, such as sci-fi (and Infinity specific), Japanese, dark ages, steampunk (Malifaux) and quite a few more. In this review, we’re looking at buildings from the Urban Landscape range. Perfect for all kinds of urban settings, including Gotham City (for the Batman Miniature Game).


Plast Craft ColorEDThe sets (we had the pleasure of receiving the Post Office and Urban Scenery sets) come in good looking boxes. The components arrive still in their boards, so you’ll have to remove the components from the “sprue” yourself. Not a huge problem, but it does take some care. The components are a mix between printed foamcore and MDF.

Plast Craft ColorEDConstruction is a bit of a puzzle, but fortunately full instructions are available on the Plast Craft website. The components fit well enough. I used a touch of superglue here and there to make sure everything would stay put. I used woodglue on the MDF parts.

All in all, I spent about an hour gluing the Post Office together, and about half of that time on the Urban Scenery (which includes bus stops, a fountain and some benches and tables).

Plast Craft ColorEDThe result is convincing right off the bat. Of course, at an angle, you’ll notice the sides of the foamcore components. But when placed on the gaming table, you won’t notice that at all. What you will notice is how great these buildings look. The printing allows for tons of detail. Certainly lightyears ahead of what I’d be willing – or able – to paint!


Plast Craft ColorEDInspired by Guerilla Miniature Game’s Ash Barker, who took his airbrush to the Japanese ColorED buildings, I set out to add some more spiff to my new Post Office. As good as it looks out of the box, it is a bit clean looking.

The good news is that it’s really easy to add some flavor. I used cheap, hobby store brown acrylic paint to slap on additional dirt. Then I added more grime with Vallejo weathering effects (just green wash, if you ask me ;)) and Army Painter Strong Tone Ink. All of this stuck easily to the hard outer layers of the foamcore. I didn’t have to use varnish, either.

The result of my dabblings is below. The photos feature a recent game of the Batman Miniature Game. As you can see, these building fit perfectly with the 35mm scale of the BMG miniatures. They look equally fine for 28mm, though.

Plast Craft ColorED

Plast Craft ColorEDPlast Craft ColorED

Plast Craft ColorED Verdict

If you love having pretty terrain, but hate painting it yourself, go grab yourself some ColorED right now. It’s great looking, sturdy (although the Urban Scenery has some fiddly parts) and takes additional paint easily. Literally its only downside is that it’s not the cheapest terrain you’ll find. But for that extra cash you do get a product that you can easily put together and start using on your table right away.

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