Phoenix BMG Tournament Event Report

bmg tournament

Apparently, one can stumble into a BMG tournament. And still have success while doing so!

Last month I attended the first Phoenix Lakeland Wargames Exhibition at Rheged in Penrith, Cumbria.

Initially I was there to help fellow Skirmish Wargaming Contributor Ian Alcock to run some Batman Miniature demo games. Yet with further conversations it ended up with me playing in the Battle for the Cowl tournament with my eldest son and two friends from our defunct Local Gaming Store.

Here’s report for the event, including pics. Enjoy!

Phoenix BMG Tournament Event Report

We set off early to arrive for 9am. I helped set up my Batcave which Ian was using for the demo games.


I convinced my eldest son who was a bit reluctant to play and we quickly got our gang lists ready. I decided on Organised Crime, because a couple of weeks before I had received some goodies for helping with the Sons of Batman program. This included the mobsters and Hugo Strange and some tournament cards.

My BMG Tournament Crew

My crew included:

Red Hood

Hugo Strange

Mr Pink

Dirty Tom

Prisoner 5

Prisoner 3

and 3 crazies.


I had never played them before, but felt if I kept Hugo with the crazies, Red Hood could go alone as could Mr Pink. Dirty Tom would stick together with the prisoners.

My equipment was a grapple gun and informer. I chose reinforcement and the Organised Crime strategies. I was really looking forward to using Mr Pink: he had primary target Loot, so I used that as one of my objectives with ammunition and Titan dose.

Whilst I set up the Batcave, Ian was setting up the gaming boards. One thing I really do like about Batman Miniatures Game is the terrain. It makes such a difference to the game and Ian and Chris have a stunning collection between them.

The BMG Tournament Battle Boards






BMG Tournament Game 1: Plunder

My first battle was against the Joker and  Firefly. I started with Hugo on the right and Dirty Tom on the left with Red Hood running up the middle. I managed to score points quite early on claiming my loot with Mr Pink.



Meanwhile  my team on the left tried to gain my other objectives.



Unfortunately for them they were met by Firefly who managed to barbecue all of them and actually killing two of them. Fire is nasty because even if you don’t cause damage the are still affected by fire. My opponent Adam has written his own piece here on his blog.

Another highlight was one of Joker’s goons trying to give a crazy a lobotomy with a chainsaw but thankfully he was not fully incapacitated.


I won my first battle and was really pleased with how the gang had held up.

BMG Tournament Game 2: Patrol

My next opponent was Nathan from our local store. He has an organised crime list with Branden in charge and AC Deadshot. Again I moved one team up the right of the board whilst Hugo and the Crazies defended his objectives.


I knew Nathan had a lot of guns and with his strategies there was a total of 8 lamposts so I had to try and stay hidden from Deadshot, Branden and Mesh. Red Hood dived into the sewer but could not get out where I wanted him to because Nathan had placed fat cop in the way.


The Mule goons plodded down the centre of the board whilst Deadshot dominated my right handside of the board.


He managed to kill Prisoner 5 and Dirty Tom in the end.


My crazies just stayed here and waited for his crew to arrive. They took some damage from Mesh, who shot at them from the roof.

This game ended in a draw.

Game 3: Skirmish

My last battle was against Jacob with his Wonderland Crew. He used the weird crew to include Killer Croc as a henchman. I’m always terrified of Croc, as he is a beast.


I divided my team into three again, but thankfully this time Mr Pink was allowed on second turn as a reinforcement.

I sent the crazies to the right to guard his objectives, whilst sending my Dirty Tom team to the left to grab mine. I was keen to keep away from Killer Croc and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee with their guns.

Unfortunately Croc did arrive in a carefully placed sewer. He ate one of my crazies, as well as holding the rest of the gang back. Hugo ran off in the end to leave his patients to fend for themselves.


Meanwhile, Red Hood gunned down one of the twins and I grabbed my objectives. Again it was a draw.

Out of three games, 1 win and 2 draws.

I waited for them results and took my boys to the park. I came back and discovered that my eldest came 6th and had one a tournament card.

It then got to my turn and was amazed that… I had won! With a slight win on tournament points it was down to vp and I’d clocked them up during the day.


I had won a great haul including this building from Games of War,  Capt Boomerang, Scarecrow crew, FunPop Batman, Counter Attack Bases tokens and most treasured of all: the first Battle for the Cowl trophy.

I had a great day and all the players were really sporting and it was a fantastic event!

Crispian Woolford

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