Night Of Owls: Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

This week at my local gaming group me and my mate Chris decided to run a themed scenario for a proper Batman Miniature Game Battle Report: Night of owls! As this was a new experience for us both I decided to document our game and create this battle report.

The Batman Miniatures Game is really fun system but I find can often lack the story driven element of the tabletop experience (something which i’d like to explore more in another post), so rather than grumble about it I thought why not make up a themed game! So we decided to tailor make our own encounter in an attempt to create a more story driven game, this is how we got on!

Night of Owls Scenario rules:

Crews are built to a standard 350REP £1500, one player takes control of the court of owls the other a Batman crew. The game lasts for 6 turns and uses a standard 90cmx90cm table. The following rules were also used to give the game some flavour.

To all allies of the bat presently in Gotham: When configuring your crew ignore the rules stating only one sidekick can be taken and one free agent for every £150, you may include any number of each.

It’s a list of targets: No objectives are used in this game, instead take 5 numbered counters and place them within a 30cm strip along the middle of the table (each player alternating placement). Each number represents a target for the court to kill and the family to protect.

When a court member reaches a counter they may perform a manipulate action and search for their target, to do so they must pass an agility roll. If the test fails the target has escaped the grasp of the court and is removed from play.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

The dreaded court of owls take to the streets.

If successful replace the counter with a suitable figure this is now the courts assassination target. Each target has a Willpower of 2 and endurance 5, once the target has received enough Blood damage to remove it as a casualty simply remove them from the board they have been assassinated and count for purposes of scoring (explained later). Track KO/KD and Damage on a piece of paper for each target.

At the end of the Turn if the target is not KO it may move 2D6+10cm in a random direction, to represent a panicked run to escape the court. If this movement would be stopped by terrain or a board edge the simply stop movement at the obstacle, then roll the scatter dice again and continue with any remaining movement.

They’ll send a Talon for your head: This scenario uses no scores for KO’s or Casualties, the only way to score points is to protect or remove the courts targets.  The court scores one point for every target they remove as a casualty:

Targets killed:

0-1  batfamily win

2-3 Draw

4+ Court Victory

Setup: Each crew has a 10cm deployment zone along opposite board edges, sewers and lampposts are used as normal

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

The Bat Family ready to stop the court!







The Night of Owls Begins…………

Let’s get this Batman Miniature Game Battle Report underway!

Turn One (Court Lead)

The butcher activates first and charges headlong towards target number 5, upon arrival he quickly spots his kill (Commissioner Loeb) and begins hacking mercilessly causing 2 blood and 2 stun. Target 5 has 1 endurance left!

Batgirl hearing the distress call from Alfred bat claws (BC) onto the nearest rooftop and races towards the intersection.

Nathaniel O’Malley heads through the scrap yard towards target 4.

While Barbara takes the rooftops Nightwing decides to travel along the street to improve their chances of saving Gothams VIP’s, he heads towards target 2 taking cover behind a skip.

Xia Loong cautiously advances up the street towards target 3 and the intersection.

Damian in utter defiance of his father’s wishes BC onto the largest building he can see.

Benjamin heads towards target one also located near the intersection.

Batman explodes into life and sprints along the rooftop leaping into the air and unfurling his cape to land in the courtyard below, he can see Xia Loong at the foot of the corner store steps.

William having skulked forward with undercover moves towards target 1 and searches for his kill, the presence of batman must have unnerved the talon and his target escapes!

Alfred realizing he should have stayed at the batcave decides to head into the nearest sewer.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

Batman prepares to face off against two talons!

Strix bounds towards the corner store and takes a defensive position atop the steps.

Target 5 in a mad panic runs underneath the butchers legs!



Turn two (Bat Family Lead)

Batman seeing talons swarming the intersection decides to leap onto the corner store steps and confront Strix, having exerted himself from moving he fails to strike her and is now left surrounded.

Xia Loong ignores batman and heads towards target 3 he finds a high ranking GCPD detective ready to be dispatched.

Damian BC onto the corner store rooftop and throws batlings towards Xia Loong, his over confidence in his abilities is his downfall as they bounce harmlessly onto the floor causing no damage.

William seeing batman fail to land a blow on Strix sees his opportunity to get revenge on the bat for beating him! He bounds over but batman striking batman but failing to cause any real damage!

(I’d just like to say at this stage both Chris and myself we’re having the worst rolls ever!)

Batgirl seeing Bruce surrounded by talons moves along the rooftop, then BC’s with no regard for her own safety to the foot of the corner store and pummels Strix momentarily knocking her to the floor!

Benjamin orders Strix to attack batgirl then charges into her but Barbara’s too fast! Orchard slashes nothing but thin air!

Nightwing fearing Nathaniel will find his assassination target in the scrap yard leaps over a 6ft high fence, across wrecked cars and brings his batons to bear on the unsuspecting talon! Nathaniel reels from the attack but remains fairly unscathed.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

Outnumbered you say? Its just more targets for me to hit!

Strix elegantly bounds to her feet seeking vengeance on Barbara for the momentary flooring. She  lets rip with the full force of her Katana, Barbara so distracted by dodging Benjamin’s blow is caught blindsided and Strix finds her mark making short work of Batgirl. Bruce can only stand helpless as he sees her body fall at the foot of the steps. Strix then sheathes her weapon and bounds towards target 3.

Alfred unaware of the death of Barbara Gordon continues his long trek through the sewers of Gotham.

Nathaniel, finding his composure dives wildly at Nightwing. Dick expertly leaps to avoid the attack but is caught by a swift blow from the Katar, sending him sprawling across the scrapyard, blood pooling at his feet.

The butcher not expecting any fight from his target flails wildly failing to hit target 5 causing a KO.


A good turn for the court! The Bat Family took some serious damage with batgirl removed from play and Nightwing suffering a nasty stabbing, though with only one of the five targets killed and another escaping, the Bat Family had managed to cause disruption to the courts plan.


Turn Three (Court Lead)

Nathaniel takes the initiative and attempts to bring down the wounded Nightwing, but with sheer luck and dazzling speed Dick survives the encounter much to the astonishment of the talon!

Bruce, having seen the death of Barbara Gordon lunges for the nearest target to exact some vengeance. Cobb takes a pummelling from the dark knight and is knocked down by the ferocity of the attack!

Seeing Batman floor Cobb, Benjamin screams at the  talon to get to his feet and proceeds to hack at the dark knight who easily deflects the high court member’s feeble attempts.

Damian seeing the helpless Cobb sprawled across the floor BC’s down from the roof and begins pummelling the defenceless talon.

Strix easily dispatches target 3 and moves towards Damian.

Alfred emerges from the sewer and upon seeing Bruce surrounded by court members charges towards Benjamin but fails to even land a blow on the court leader.

Xia Loong heads towards Damian and draws blood from the young robin and sending him sprawling in the process

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

Scrapyard showdown!

Nightwing seizes the failure of Nathaniel and proceeds to Knockout the talon with a flurry from his stun batons.

The butcher finally finishes off target 5 and heads to the street.

Cobb dazed and beaten, gets to his feet and finds a floored robin. After quickly stabbing Damian he flees the scene in fear of another beating from Batman.



Turn Three (Bat Family Lead)

Damian leaps to his feet and dives towards the court leader, Benjamin anticipating the attack blocks all of the diminutive heroes’ punches!

After repelling Robins barrage of punches Benjamin is filled with confidence and whirls his katana at Bruce who expertly blocks every strike.

Dick turns to leave the scrapyard but sees the supposedly unconscious body of Nathaniel rise from the floor, bones snapping back into place. With a final effort Nightwing swings his stun batons at the talon but the blows don’t seem to bother the unnatural assassin, deciding his wounds are too grievous to continue the showdown Grayson BC’s onto a nearby rooftop to recuperate.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

The intersection of death!

Cobb hobbles away from the ensuing melee at the intersection intent on removing another Target of the court.

Unable to close the distance on the wounded Cobb Batman is forced to deal with the threat of Benjamin and his poorly wielded Katana, a series of blows find there mark but only manage to knock the court leader to the floor.

The Butcher seeing the carnage at the steps of the corner store charges headlong into the fray and attacks Damian Wayne. The confident Robin deftly outmanoeuvres the brute who fails to land a single blow.

Alfred swiftly kicks Benjamin in the face before patching up a severe knife wound that Damian sustained from Cobb earlier. Damian is outraged that Alfred only has he-man plasters left to bandage his boo-boo.

Xia Loong dives towards Alfred but the clever sod manages to evade the tanto swings.

Nathaniel having seen Nightwing flee the scene drags his body from the floor and heads towards target 4.

Seeing the butcher failing to hit Damian Strix takes the opportunity to assault the young robin catching him unawares she plunges her blade through his chest. Damian falls to the floor at Alfred’s feet.



Turn 5 (Bat Family Lead)

Nightwing witnessing the death of Damian throws caution to the wind and BC’s to the street and unleashes a tirade of blows on the unsuspecting Strix who is left barely conscious.

As Nightwing prepares to land the final blow on Strix the Gotham butcher smashes Grayson to the floor, the already injured hero is left helpless.

Another swift strike from Alfred lands its mark on Benjamin, but seeing the predicament of Nightwing Alfred moves to help the former robin, before he can apply some meaningful aid Nightwing pushes him to one side moments before Strix leaps!

Strix finds her mark and drives the katana into Grayson’s leg, bounding away to allow her own wounds to heal.

Bruce seeing Damian fall before him and his protégé Grayson helpless to the whims of the court attempts to charge through Xia Loong who anticipates and blocks the dark knights violent barrage of blows.

Whirling into a counter attack Xia Loong lands a blow on Bruce sending him sprawling to the floor.

Benjamin seeing the Dark knight momentarily halted, stands and sweeps his blade at the defenseless vigilante, finally finding his mark.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel in the scrap yard locates his target and begins his bloody work.

Cobb continues towards target Number 2, reaching the location but unable to exert anymore effort to find his prey.



Turn 6 (Court Lead)

With dawn fast approaching the butcher steps onto Nightwing and ends the valiant heroes suffering.

Batman slowly drags himself to his feet, his wounds seemingly too much, launches into an attack on Benjamin who is all too capable of blocking the meagre punches.

Strix moves towards the only possible target Alfred, Nightwings wounds finally catching up to her she is unable to land any strikes but manages to knock the old man to the floor by luck more so than skill.

Alfred rolls from the tumbling Strix and finds his feet, tears in his eyes he sprints away from the bodies of Barbara, Damian and Grayson.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

Only Alfred and Bruce remain!

Benjamin attempts to finish of the wounded Batman but fails to hit the staggering hero.

Nathaniel fails to finish his target as the sun creeps onto Gotham, he has failed his mission.  Nearby Cobb, with ne energy left to raise his blades realises that he has failed the court.

Xia Loong succeeds were Benjamin fails and brings his tanto down on the Dark knights skull, batmans body unceremoniously slumps to the concrete, eventually it stops twitching and remains still……..



Batman Miniature Game Battle Report: After Action:

Well it turned out to be a draw, with only 2 killed the court failed to remove enough assassination targets to win the game! The bat family (BF) gave their lives to ensure that the court would not succeed in their mission, and isn’t that what being a hero is all about unconditional sacrifice?

Although it seemed the BF were against it the game was great fun and provided some really awesome cinematic moments, as always when Chris and I play we were struck by some shocking dice rolls at key moments that upped the entertainment factor.

I gotta talk about strix though, that katana is insane! She managed to finish off Barbara, Damian, wound Nightwing and dispatch an assassination target! She was definitely the MVP.

Batman Miniature Game Battle Report

Quick snap of the setup used.

To make this scenario more fluid we agreed that the deployment of the targets should be nearer to the BF side of the board, also the inclusion of a tougher batman to lead the crew would have been a huge help as the animated batman just didn’t cut it. Next time we play this we’d definitely include a few more of the family, as red hood, catwoman and huntress would be great for dishing out some blood damage on those pesky talons!

Also to theme the game a little more we thought that equipping batman with freeze grenades would be a cool way of levelling the field (and sticking to the fluff of the story), or even giving each BF member a rule that allows them to subdue a KO talon (possibly arrest?) as it seemed unlikely that after beating the talon unconscious they would be left unrestrained.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little battle report, Its got me super excited for playing some more themed games of BMG! If you have any ideas for themed games why not comment below, I’d also be interested to know if you have tried the proposed scenario and if so how did you find it and what tweaks would you suggest?


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