Multiverse Gaming Terrain Review

Multiverse Gaming Terrain

Multiverse Gaming Terrain is a company who specialise in MDF terrain for a range of skirmish games. Based in Poland they ship across the world and have fans both sides of the pond.

The Batman Miniature Game world of Gotham becomes totally different with the use of terrain. There are many manufacturers out there (including Knight Models), but what’s really appealing about Multiverse Gaming Terrain is something we’ll discuss in this review!

I came across Multiverse Gaming Terrain not too long ago. I couldn’t resist ordering some of their excellent looking kits! I’ll run through all three of them here.

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Dumpsters

First off are some dumpsters. Scatter terrain is crucial for BMG. To provide cover from deadly firearms, but also for more acrobatic characters to interact, leap over and spring into attack. These come in a set of two for 6.95 euros which is £5.50.

They come as lasercut MDF sheets which have to be removed from the sheet. Fortunately, this is done rather easily with a sharp craft knife. Instructions are provided as a pdf on the website. The only material needed was a small cut metal paperclip to provide the hinge.

Multiverse Gaming Terrain

With a basecoat and some rust metal effect they are both sturdy and provide a great detailed scatter terrain piece. Check them out:

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Batcomputer

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Multiverse Gaming Terrain

For those of you who have seen my earlier article on my construction of the Bat cave, one reason why I felt compelled to make it was after seeing the Multiverse Gaming Terrain Super computer. I thought it was so cool, that I couldn’t help but make a cave to put it in.

It is just 5.95 euros which is £3.81. There is enough detail to be picked out, including the keyboards and screens. I just then googled Bat computer and printed these onto paper to give a more technical readout. Who could resist Heath ledger as the Joker for a centre screen?

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Diner

Finally every Gotham citizen needs somewhere to eat, but who knows what culinary concoctions the villains of Gotham will serve?


To the left is my Diner, which has just a base coat which needs some more detailing. This is just 17.95 which is about £14. Which I think is fantastic value. It was extremely easy to build using the instructions from the website.

It is incredibly robust and is a real taste of Americana. Again this why I like the products from Multiverse Gaming as they’re not generic in anyway and have  layer of detail which is not too fiddly but are extremely playable. Both doors come off as does the roof and if wanted you could paint or add furniture inside.

Multiverse Gaming Terrain Verdict

Three things stand out for me when it comes to Multiverse Gaming Terrain:

  1.  The price (which I’ve mentioned several times already)
  2. The easy of construction. With the instructions from the website, putting these kits together is easy as pie.
  3. The durability of the product. They’re solid in design and won’t just break or fall apart.

I recommend all of these products and I will be looking to get other products soon. After all, quality scenery takes your gaming to a whole other level!

Crispian Woolford

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