Marvel Miniature Game: Don`t forget the D8

Hi. Hope this finds you well. This time I will be taking  a look at the dice mechanic.

A Hand full of D8s


As we all know dice are just used to add an element of uncertainty to games so it does not really matter how many sides they have or if they have numbers or icons on them, that is until you realize all the games you own are based on D6 standard or D8 with icons. Happily however I got this set via some epic parenting so I am sorted. That said you will need a minimum of 3 eight sided dice to play. So far I have not come across any instance that requires more than 3 to be used at one time but who knows what the future holds.

What do I roll for


Simply put there are only two different types of dice roll in this game. Attack rolls and attribute rolls.

Attribute rolls – There are three different attributes that need to be tested during the game. Agility, Stamina and Willpower. When rolling to take an attribute test you must roll two dice and get a result equal or less than the value on your stat card. Using Magneto as our example, he would need to roll 7 or less on two dice to pass an agility test. Likewise the same would be true for Stamina and Willpower.

Attack rolls – When a character makes an attack you roll two dice. You then add the values together along wit the characters “Attack” value to give you a total.   This result must beat the defenders defence value in order to cause damage. Should Magneto be on the receiving end of a “Physical” attack the attacker would need to roll a total of 17, this would include the values from the dice rolled plus the attackers “Attack” value.

Overload! –  As I am on the subject of attacks I may as well mention Overload!. Characters may, for an extra POW point, choose to overload an attack. Most commonly this will allow you to roll an extra dice when attacking thus giving you a better chance to cause damage against an opponent. Some attacks allow you to do extra damage instead of rolling an extra dice.

To sum up

As you can see this mechanic is very simple. There are no charts to use or defence rolls. You just add the numbers on the dice and compare them to the given values. It really is that simple.

Happy gaming and don`t forget the dice 🙂

David Vincent

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