Marvel Miniature Game – Building a force

Using Sabertooth, Victor Creed, and Emma Frost as an example we will have a look at the information used to create your force for a game.


Force Building


Character Name – This states the characters name and alter ego. As each character is an individual you can only have one of person of that name in a crew, after all there is only one Victor Creed.  So for example you could not field Iron Man – Tony Stark and Iron Man Hulkbuster – Tony Stark on the same force.

Level – Each game played will have a set points level. This determines how many points you have to create your force. Each character has a level. This is how many points this character costs to include in your force. Games can vary in size. Usually between 30 and 50 points, depending on how long you want your game to run. 30 points is a good place to start for your first game.


Affiliate – Currently there are three affiliations too chose from, Superhuman, Mutant and Cosmic. Characters can be either be hero, villain or neutral.  The symbol determines the faction of the character and the color determines alignment, as you can see from the sample above. A neutral character can be used in any crew that bears the same faction symbol. Sabertooth is Mutant/Villain. Emma Frost, see below, is also a mutant but is neutral. This character can be used on either a hero or villain faction.


My affiliation

I have the Evil Mutant and Dark Avenger forces. Just waiting on an Emma Frost to arrive. With this addition both of my forces will total in or around 50 points. So until next time happy force building.


David Vincent

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