Mailing List

What’s all this talk about special treatment and discounts?

Well, allow us to explain:

The people behind Skirmish Wargaming like wargames. In fact, we like them so much that we write and post articles about the games we like on a regular basis.

We also like it when people read those articles (otherwise, why bother, right?).

Coincidentally the best way to get people to actually read your stuff is to invite them to a mailing list (we have some serious marketing know-how backing this blog).

That’s a problem, because people have become distrustful of spammy emailing lists.

Rightfully so.

So, to help us convince you that joining our list is worth your name and email address, we decided to back that request with some real incentive:


Once in a while, we’ll draw a name from the list of subs and that person gets something cool! It could be anything, but we’ll always announce it.

The exact nature of the item is based on what our sponsors have provided us with at that moment. But you know… minis, terrain, gaming mats… stuff like that!

Also, since we’re friends with some peepz in the biz, we are in a position to hand out special discounts to our subs once in a while.

So hopefully that convinces you joining our list will be worth it! And let’s not forget you’ll be getting blog updates as well. 😉


Sub here and get in on the fun!


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