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There has been some recent developments during the last month regarding Knight Models. On the 9th February, it was official announced that Knight Models was to drop the Marvel Universe Miniature Game and to no longer work with Disney and Marvel Entertainment Inc. In a statement released, Knight Models stated that their ” business must follow another path.” This was despite a growing community and a game system that was less than a year old. So what does the future hold for Knight Models?

Knight Models was first established in 2008, producing very detailed 30MM miniatures based on Star Wars and Marvel characters. These were collector models and not designed for any gaming system.


In 2012 Knight Models released the pdf rules for Batman Miniature Game to support their new line of models based on the Arkham City Game. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength with a hardback rulebook, expansion book including rules for Teams and vehicles and Speedsters such as The Flash. Last year saw the release of a starter set to help encourage new players to the game giving people models, tokens and some peripheral items to play a game. Based on the critically panned, but well liked movie Suicide Squad the starter set has allowed Knight Models to further establish themselves in the Skirmishing game market.


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With this in mind, this article asks what is the Future for Knight Models?

Batman Miniature Game

This is the 5th Anniversary of Batman Miniature Game, the flagship game for Knight Models. We have already started to see some teaser images from a campaign book. The video game Arkham Knight has already allowed a number of releases for the game but a campaign book based on this game has suggested further releases.

Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

The above image includes the addition of additional vehicles for Scarecrow Militia and if you can find him a sniper. Further additional leaked models include a new Nightwing and Penguin crew.


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New releases have included the above Riddler crew based on the comics. There are still a wealth of characters in the Batman Universe which could be turned into miniaures and released for the game. There are plenty of villans as well as different versions including Batman Animated Series and other DCU animated movies.

DC Universe Miniature Game

As well as BMG, Knight Models released for free the pdf rules for the DCUMG. This game was based on the MUMG but using the DCU characters https://knightmodels-store.com/epages/afaa2a23-c31d-4ae6-b1cd-12757513fd3b.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/afaa2a23-c31d-4ae6-b1cd-12757513fd3b/Categories/%22SUPER%20HERO%20UNIVERSE%22/DC_Universe_Miniature_Game/%22JUSTICE%20LEAGUE%22. In one single PDF the character cards for over 40 models were released. This now meant Batman Miniature models had a dual purpose. The steady release of new characters such as Lex Luthor, means that the game will continue to grow. As time goes on, it is hoped an official rulebook will support the DCUMG

Image result for DCUMG knight modelsImage result for Lex Luthor knight models


Harry Potter Miniature Game

The other extremely exciting news is the imminent release of The Harry Potter miniature game. It’s clear that Knight Models have managed to negotiate a license with Warner Bros, probably secured on their treatment of the DC Universe which again is owned by Warner Bros.


Image result for harry potter knight modelsSirius Black. 35mm. Coming soon Harry Potter Miniature Game. #knightmodels #harrypotter #hogwarts #potterhead #jkrowling #siriusblack #sirius #garyoldman #deatheaters #auror #orderofthephoenix #miniatures #art #sculpture #gryffindor #slytherin #ravenclaw #hufflepuff

So far, all we’ve had to glimpse at are some teaser images of some more senior wizards such as Bellatrix and Sirius Black. Once again Knight models have produced highly detailed and realistic sculpts of their cinematic counterparts. Very little details have been leaked apart from its coming soon. I would imagine it will be another skirmish type game with wizards having different levels of endurance, willpower and casting ability. It may have a casting phase where wizards can draw from a casting pool of tokens to use their magical ability. I would also like to see the wizards ranks boosted by fantastic beasts such as a Chimaera or Basilisk. A Harry Potter miniature game will no doubt be another opportunity for Knight Models to encourage fans into the world of miniature gaming. The question is will it be a long term gaming system. Lessons must be learnt from Games Workshop who with their Lord of the Rings system had massive success for it to become a cult classic amongst veterans once the films had finished.

All in all, it was sad news to hear Knight Models were to stop supporting the Marvel Universe Miniature game but there is a large online community who still enjoy the game and are continuing to create their own cards based on their favourite models.






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