Henchmen Showcase: Turk

This week, in our henchmen showcase we are going to take a look at one of the Blackgate prisoners…..the infamous Turk!

He’s a Bad Man…

Turk plied his trade sticking up kids for the crime bosses of Gotham before being incarcerated. Having escaped he is now back on the streets and selling his skills to the highest bidder.

He is available as a henchmen for any crews except Batman, Green Arrow and Law forces. Lets take a closer look at the stats.


His basic stats are that of a very low level henchman, defence 2 is a liability as it makes him incredibly easy to hit. You’ll probably need to hide him a bit in order to ensure he survives long enough to do anything worthwhile. Endurance 5 is slightly better as it means he wont die quite as easily. Movement 2 and willpower 5 round out the fairly mediocre stats.


To be fair to the guy for 25 rep those stats are pretty fair when you consider his ability.

But Turk has one job, and one job only. His gunman trait is what sets him apart from all of the other mooks and his stats are designed to make the most of that ability.

pistolsGunman is a special rule which, for the cost of 1SC, you can perform a ranged attack with each of his two handguns. Now his willpower of 5 and attack value of 4 make sense. By allocating 1 AC into special and 4AC into attack we can perform two ranged attacks. Effectively giving him a ROF4. Enough to put out 4 blood and 4 stun damage in a single turn.

That’s a hefty amount of damage and for the cost of $400 is very economically costed. It does mean that Turk is unable to really do anything else that turn, but then Turk isn’t there to do anything else. This guy is gonna hide behind a car or building and when someone pops their head around they’re gonna wish they hadn’t.

A welcome addition to any crew of unsavouries, if you need firepower then Turk may well be the man for you.

Chris Whitehouse

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