Henchmen Showcase: Reaver

In the first henchmen showcase for a while I am looking at one of the new penguin thugs; Street Demonz 3, or Reaver to his friends.

What we have here is another cheap penguin goon, building on the crew’s style of fielding swarms of cheap henchmen. Penguin already has quite a healthy list of cheap goons so why did he need to hire Reaver? (Apart from having access to a nicer newer sculpt).

On first look he doesn’t seem too different from the Axe guy, Axe guy is 17 points and has a slightly better weapon. Reaver, however, has slightly better stats which do make all the difference.

For 3 points we get +1 Strength, +1 Attack, Hockey Gear and Tireless. The only negative is that one of the bloods on his weapon becomes a stun. Overall this is a nice upgrade for the princey sum of 3 points.

For those that aren’t aware, hockey gear makes you immune to the sharp rule and Tireless allows the model to run by only spending 1SC. These are both great stats on a cheap henchmen. Hockey gear should keep him alive a bit longer and tireless means he has more counters to put in ATT instead of MOV.

So by now you’re probably thinking ‘He is a slight improvement but nothing special’. Well, Reaver here is the ultimate glass cannon. You need to babysit him a bit but there are very few henchmen who can put as much hurt out as him; even when I compare him to say the mercenary Smash from the Bane crew.

Having played a couple of games with him he is the perfect companion for the new Emperor Penguin leader. Here is the scenario which is pretty easy to pull off:

Emperor penguin and Reaver are in a position to attack an enemy model who is a little under 20cm away. This model has already activated and is stacking defence counters. Emperor penguin activates first and uses inspire to grant Reaver an extra counter. He currently has 1SC and 3AC. He assigns this to ATT taking him up to 4 ATT counters now. Emperor Penguin then charges the enemy model and inflicts as much damage as possible, likely stripping all the defence counters. Next activation Reaver uses his 1SC to run into the same character. Now because he has mobster he gains an additional attack for free. Reaver is now hitting with 5 attacks and the model has its DEF reduced by 1. Let’s use Smash as the target for this example. Reaver is now hitting him on 2s with a reroll (due to handy) and then damaging (BS) on 3s (due to heavy)….with the 5 attacks this will seriously hurt and would likely knock out smash easily.

Now if Smash had been knocked out by penguin prior to this attack then coup de grace would convert his attack into BB, easily finishing off the job on the floor.

For his points he is a lovely addition to the penguin crew. He is a bit fragile so be careful not to leave him isolated and vulnerable. If you can shepherd him around the board he will put out some tasty damage for you.

I hope this article has helped you to appreciate Reaver in all of his glory 🙂

Chris Whitehouse

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