Henchman Showcase: Yang

Our second article takes a look at one of the League of Shadows’ most feared assassins….Yang.

Yang, and his little Brother Ying, ply their trade silently eliminating the enemies of the League of Shadows. A job Yang is particularly accomplished at.

The Good

He shares the same stat line as most other ninjas in the league of shadows.
Movement 3, Attack 3 and Endurance 5 are solid enough stats for a henchman. The ninja’s defence of 4 is a real highlight, making them equally as hard to hit as most leaders. Attack of 5+ is fairly weak but luckily they are typically equipped to mitigate this low stat.

The ninja’s trait stealth adds to this elusiveness and means that an enemy cant even see them unless within 20cm. Not a place you really want to be!

Martial Artist ensures that they wont be outnumbered and rounds out the standard build of the LoS ninjas.


The Bad

The biggest weakness of the LoS ninjas is their low willpower stat. A willpower of 4 means that the ninjas struggle to react to situations and require playing with a certain amount of finesse. Luckliy Yang is able to mitigate this low willpower, but we’ll get to that…

The Ugly

Yang is equipped with one of the most devastating weapons available in the Batman Miniatures game, the Katana. This melee weapon inflicts double blood damage and has the traits Handy and Sharp (Reroll to hit and to wound) . In the hands of a member of the LoS this weapon can really put the hurt on most characters.

What makes Yang different from the other ninjas is his trait: Combo with Katana. The combo trait means that for every 2AC spent you gain one free Attack. I.e. if you spend 2 you get 3. This means that if you spend 3AC you will get 4 attacks. 4 attacks with a Katana will usually inflict some pretty tasty damage on an enemy henchman.

However, utilising this ability with another ability means you can really beef up his attack and turn him into a true killing machine.


By using the Inspire trait with any of the LoS Leaders (or Kill Them! With DKR Bane shown here) you can increase his attack counters to 4. This equates to 6 attacks when you factor in combo!!! There are not many characters who would still be standing after this deadly attack from Yang.

For 31 points this guy is a ruthless and deadly killing machine. One for the slightly more experienced players perhaps but in the right hands a true force to be reckoned with…

Chris Whitehouse

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