Henchman Showcase: Triston

This is the first in a series of mini-articles focusing on the forgotten henchmen of the Batman Miniatures Game.

And with the release of the suicide squad box set announced this week then what better time to take a look at one of the jokers most effective goons. I’m sure even the Jared Leto joker could find space for this angry clown in his crew.


Triston is a Joker exclusive henchmen available for the small sum of 26 reputation and $300.
(Don’t forget Leto Joker gets an extra $300 of funding for his crew!!)

His stat line is ever so slightly above average for his points cost. He has an extra 1 endurance compared to his buddy August who costs 25 reputation and a solid defence and attack of 3. Nothing particularly remarkable but good value for his cost.


Triston’s weapon of choice is the shotgun, the dirt bags favourite. The shotgun has the normal stat line: Blood, blood stun with ROF 1 at short range and 3 ammo.

Pretty standard shotgun then. I have found the shotgun to be remarkably effective in games. Especially against typical henchmen with a defence of 2 or 3. They tend not to have more than 4 or 5 endurance so a single shot from a shotgun can put them on the brink of death.

Ready for someone else to come in and mop up while Triston slinks off into the shadows again.

Catch me if you can

Tristan loves nothing more than to get up in your face, he has the Dirty Fighter trait which allows him to fire his weapon even if there is someone within 5cm of him. This ensures that, even if you have rushed him, he can shoot at you and then move away afterwards.

Finally his trait ‘Runaway’ means that he is immune to arrest! He really is a the nemesis of many a GCPD officer.

While his willpower of 4 is slightly sub par, it does mean that Tristan can run and fire in the same turn. Or even use a grapple gun and shoot!

Tristan……… A genuine dirtbag.


If you have any henchmen you would like to feature in our henchman showcase please comment and we will do our best to accommodate 🙂

Chris Whitehouse

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