Gotham Civil War: A Batman Campaign Part 3

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Week 3

This is the last installment of my series of articles about our Batman campaign. At the end of week 2, there were four crews dominating the streets of Gotham: Arrow; Harley; Two-Face and the Court of Owls. Other gangs were still in the running owning one area of territory.


I was hoping to make up lost ground in the third week. As it happened my opponent could not attend so I won automatically. I helped with the rules for the other players. I kept my funding to ensure I could purchase some more recruits later in the campaign. Some of the other crews had suffered very early on due to very unlucky rolls on the injury table in the first week. These crews really struggled as the weeks continued.

skirmish wargaming batman skirmish wargaming batman

The Batman crew had lost a member of the Quick Response Team and Bane lost Dallas. By the end of week 3, Harley; Court of Owls, Arrow and 2-Face were all in strong positions. At this point we started to see some of the other crews drop out. skirmish wargaming batman

Week 4

Due to other commitments I could not attend the fourth week. Again this meant that other crews took advantage. By this point some of the crews had become scarily large, particularly the Court of Owls. This caused me to add a couple of new rules including the limit of points a crew could field being 450 pts and if the gap between the underdog and their opponent was greater than 150 points the underdog could hire free agent for free. They did not count towards the overall rep of the crew, but did count as vp for the opponent. Going into week 5, it there was a clear leader, second and third.

skirmish wargaming batman


The fifth week had everything to play for and as the top three crews held a lot of territory, the smaller crews attempted to take advantage by attacking multiple zones. The leading crews could not defend them all. My last game was to try and take control of Gotham City Police Headquarters. This was a three way battle with Batman vs Two-Face vs The Court of Owls.

Little did the Court of Owls know that Two-Face and Batman had formed an unholy alliance, which had led to a truce. My crew had grown due to my additional funding. My list is here at herobuilder.net .This was going to be a brutal game. I took a look to my left and had a slight panic as I saw the amount of Owls there were.


skirmish wargaming batman

My objectives were loot and ammo. I was planning on getting the loot with either Capt Boomerang or Mr Pink, scoring 2 vp every turn with priority loot. My strategies were the Two Face one from Flash/Arrow expansion and sewer maps, allowing me to remove the first KO as a casualty and have 2 people in the sewers.

skirmish wargaming batman skirmish wargaming batmanskirmish wargaming batman

Batman and I started at opposite sides of the table, whilst the Court of Owls were in the centre of the left hand side of the table, behind the Police Station. We both advanced to meet the Owls in the middle. I went for my loot, but it was contested by two owls. Strix meanwhile had come over the top of the building and bat-clawed straight into my crew who gladly hacked at her and then shot her whilst on the floor. I managed first blood killing two owls in the second turn

Two-Face and his crew continued to march up the street to the centre of the board. Killer Croc came out of the sewer and slayed the Lady of the Owls and then had a massive fight with The Butcher. The truce had done its job in dwindling the numbers of the Owls and now Batman joined in the fight helping to knock out Croc.

skirmish wargaming batman

In the end it was a tie between Batman and Two-Face with Batman scoring a good number points from his Bat-signal. I do admit I left it and need to consider how it can be switched off.  Meanwhile Harley held off Batman and Arrow defeated Scarecrow. This confirmed the positions of the crews in the final week of the campaign.

So in First Place was Callum with his Court of Owls crew

skirmish wargaming batman

Second place went to Dan with his AK Harley and Deathstroke crew.vskirmish wargaming batman

Third was Phil with his Arrow and tv Flash crew.

skirmish wargaming batman


I came fourth with Two Face and Capt Boomerang.skirmish wargaming batman


Fifth was Niki with his Batflek and Carrie crew.

skirmish wargaming batman

6th was Andrew with Scarecrow

skirmish wargaming batman

7th was Chris with Joker

skirmish wargaming batman

David was 8th with Bane

skirmish wargaming batman

9th was Drew with his Joker crew

skirmish wargaming batman


10th was James with the Riddler

11 th was Zac with his organised crime crew

skirmish wargaming batman

Gareth was 12th with his Arkham Knight Batman crew and took the wooden spoon award.

All in all it was an enjoyable campaign. I would like to thank all the players for taking part and the time to communicate their intentions of taking over Gotham. I would also like to thank Multiverse Gaming for providing a discount towards Wayne Tower. Red Beam Designs for tokens, Counterattackbases for counters, Epsolon Industries who donated the snack van wooden spoon award and last but not least I need to thank Richard from Shiny games who donated the Carousel and Skeeball for our Funnland board. I still have to paint it as I did not get it done in time.

skirmish wargaming batman



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