Gotham Civil War: A Batman campaign Part 2

The campaign kicked off at the end of June. We ended up with 13 players, but unfortunately due to other commitments  one player dropped out.

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I downloaded the map from the Knight Models website. We added some more titles to the zones and then gave each crew a designated home turf zone. These could not be contested. For the first week players had to nominate a zone they wanted to take control of. If it was uncontested it was gained automatically and then another zone would have to be nominated.

I took a Two face crew, you can see the list here: http://hero-builder.net/batman.html?code=TF3044343098048042043. I thought I could let Harvey and Capt Boomerang run on their own with the other henchman remaining as a crew. My first opponent was Arkham Knight Batman, Alfred, Lady cop and Quick Response 3.

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This game was Arkham City Joker vs Batfleck and Carrey Robin in the Joker’s home turf Funn Land.

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The next game was Heath Ledger Joker versus Court of Owls at the Docks.

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The next two games were Two-Face vs Arkham Knight Batman for Wayne Tower and Harley, plus Deathstroke vs Arrow.

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So after week one, Two Face managed to secure 3 zones and the Court of Owls had two. I managed enough funding to secure some more recruits including Killer Croc and a Shotgun gang member. There were a few draws and a couple of casualties when players had rolled for injuries.

Week 2.

I couldn’t make it to the club, so players took advantage and moved in. I played my son at home who had an organised crime crew. It was a close game and at one point I thought it was all over when Killer Croc was killed. I managed to survive and win the game.

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Other crews that fared well included Arrow and Harley. Here is the map below:

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The next part will include weeks three and four. My Two-Face crew had some additional funding so that will help increase my crew size.

Crispian Woolford

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