Gotham Civil War: A Batman campaign Part 1

BMG rulebook cover

With the recent release of the Arkham Knight Campaign Book from Knight Models, I spoke to one of the founders of our local gaming club about running a campaign. I’ve been playing the Batman Miniatures Game for 5 years now. I have to admit it is my favourite game despite me playing many different systems. One of the things I’ve wanted to do is to encourage the growth of the player base.


What Type of Campaign?

This led to the idea of doing a campaign. In the book there are several types of campaign including a tree; ladder; narrative and map campaign. I really liked the idea of crews fighting to control different zones in Gotham City and gaining bonuses for doing so. In the book is a map which is available as a download from the Knight Models website. I felt this was the right approach to take.

Encouraging players

Once agreed we were going to run the campaign, Phil and I began to recruit new players by running demos and discussing the campaign. We agreed a date for the end of June, which gave players enough time to work on a crew develop their skills and learn all the rules. Players then had to decide who they wanted to play as the length of the campaign. We also decided on starting at 250 rep and $1000 funding to begin with.

After about 2 weeks Phil and I managed to secure enough interest to gain 12 additional players, which I think is really impressive. This has allowed a great diversity of crews including:

Joker Heath ledger, Suicide Squad, Arrow, Batman, Mr Freeze, Two-Face, Organised Crime, Black Mask, Bane, Riddler, Court of Owls, Harley,  Joker Jared Leto and Scarecrow.

This has led to both Phil and I doing demo games so the new players can learn the rules and using the Knight models website have helped the players develop their crews. This website is relatively new and has some really useful articles for new players, discussing crew selection and tactics.



One of the important elements of having a map campaign is having different zones, in campaign terms these are the zones which players will fight over to gain control which also grant players certain bonuses for their crews. Over the years I have managed to build a collection of terrain, some bought from companies such as Multiverse gaming and TT Combat as well as some scratch-built scenery. Some of this terrain has been in a status of half painted as my priority has been to paint my crews.


The Dolly Parlour from Multiverse Gaming

This is my courthouse which is scratch built. In the game it allows one crew member to gain the Arrest rule

This is the Bank from TT Combat


With the many sectors on the map, there is quite a bit of scenery to complete, thankfully other players have helped out and below is a Dock board made by David. I also have Wayne Tower to construct and have recently decided to do an abandoned Theme Park.


As the end of June approaches I will update this website with the latest developments including some pictures, crew lists so other players can see what we’re upto.


Crispian Woolford

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