Deep Cut Studios Gaming Mat Review

Deep Cut Studios Gaming Mat

A Deep Cut Studios gaming mat is something that’s been on my wish list for quite a while. We’ve reviewed gaming mats at Skirmish Wargaming before, but I’m really excited to be bringing you a review of an urban mat sent to me by Deep Cut Studios.

For playing Batman Miniature Games and Marvel I have a gaming board. This is not very portable. So, I was looking at the gaming mats market. There has been a growth in gaming mats in recent years as gamers have moved into more skirmishing type of games.

Let’s dig in!

Deep Cut Studios Gaming Mat: Specs

Deep Cut Studios have an ever increasing range of mats from Space fields to rural regions and urban environments. They range in size from 3 ft by 3 ft upto 6ft by 4ft.

Deep Cut kindly asked me which mat I was interested in reviewing (which of course, I was!). I went for the city block 3 ft by 3ft. I felt with BMG and Marvel it was more representative of the city blocks which we would fight within. It came in a solid cardboard box and as soon as I opened it I was impressed with the level of detail.


Each flagstone around the roads has its own level of detail including cracks and texture.



The print also shows the texture of the Tarmac of the roads, as well as other features such as sewer lids and the markings in the road. The mat is the same as a mouse mat. It has a synthetic cloth facing with the inks soaked into the material. They will (supposedly, but I believe it to be true) never fade or scratch off.

It has a 2mm rubber backing which makes it heavy and not slip, nor will there be any noise from rolling your dice.


Deep Cut Studios Gaming Mat: Impressions

Once you’ve added your own scenery you have your very own Gotham or New York  City for your miniatures to battle in.


The 3 foot by 3 foot mat retails at 22.90 Euros and costs 9.90 euros to post to the UK. At current post Brexit prices that’s £27.99 posted which I think is really reasonable.

The range is ever increasing, so if you want a winter themed board or an old cobbled town mat then they are viable options. Deep Cut Studios also has a customisable service: if you have a particular wish then you can contact them directly.

I would recommend these mats to any skirmish gamers for quality of product and value for money!

Crispian Woolford


  1. Hi Lathan,

    The roads are 23cm or 9 inches wide. I will need some more street level terrain to reduce firing lanes

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