Daniel’s Introduction

Daniel’s Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel, and I am a skirmish gamer.

Maybe you know me already, from various forums, under the name of Daniel36. I frequent quite a few. I am a busy bee in that respect.

How it all began

I came into the hobby through a little Playstation game called “Warhammer: Dark Omen”. I normally never bought games on a whim, but something about it caught my attention, and I got it.

My best friend and I drooled over the leaflet inside that would’ve gotten us a free miniature, one of the old Necromancers. He finally got the model about a month ago. I will one day own it too.

We all started with Warhammer Fantasy when we found out we could actually buy it in our hometown. I quit for a long time a few years later but eventually got back into it when I discovered an indie store near me. I never looked back afterwards.

The things I like

I like painting miniatures, I like playing games, I like setting up clubs and I like writing. But I found wargames to be more and more cumbersome.

Painting an army takes a lot of time, taking an army with me to play is cumbersome, setting it up is cumbersome, and the most popular game at our club just plays cumbersome. I am waiting longer than I am playing. It’s fine at a friend’s place with a couple of beers, but at the club, I just couldn’t be bothered any more. So I started a quest for smaller scale games.

UCM-013Dropzone Commander

My favourite games are currently Dropzone Commander and Mordheim. I also bought the Ronin ruleset a little while ago, but haven’t had the chance to get any miniatures for it yet.

We are going to start playing Song of Blades and Heroes soon too. Expect several articles on Dropzone Commander soon, and hopefully I can also share my insights on Song of Blades and Heroes at some point in time.

Mordheim BattleMordheim

I love painting miniatures and building or painting scenery, and skirmish games are better in that respect as well. Perhaps I will also share some of my thoughts on scenery building at some point in time.

Streets-024Scenery – Custom streets and a Thomarillion fountain

I am looking forward to talk about and share thoughts on the many skirmish games we all enjoy.

Best wishes,


Daniel Brouwer


    • Hello PMMDJ, thank you for the welcome! First up on the agenda is Dropzone Commander, but I hope Ronin will be on the horizon. Unfortunately my funds are not limitless so I am not sure when we are going to start on that. In the meantime, I will still be building up scenery for my Mordheim city, so those articles will arrive soon enough. 🙂

  1. Welcome on board, Daniel. 🙂 Looking forward to your article(s?) on SoBH.

    @PMMDJ: If you like you can check out my Ronin articles on this fine website. 🙂 There are a few more to come.

    • Thanks Sigur! No worries, I already checked out your Ronin articles and am looking forward to more. The pics of that table in particular are very inspirational. We are still a while away from actually starting, we have so many things still to do, and not a lot of money, so we’re trying to keep ourselves in check. In the meantime, my first article is almost done.

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