CounterAttackBases Tokens Review

CounterAttackBases’ awesome superhero token sets – a review

Plus: a look at CounterAttackBases' MDF scenery!

One of the important elements of Batman Miniature game is the additional rules each character receives. These are really characterful and well thought out and I believe really add to the game.

Currently Knight Models have only produced action counters and damage counters. Yet there are other actions which require some form of a token.

The growth of the token market has grown along with mdf scenery in the last few years. The utilisation of laser cutting has allowed manufacturers to produce some incredibly detailed scenery and tokens at a reasonable price.

That’s where counter attack bases come in. You can find their Website here:



CAB have produced a line of tokens entitled Superhero skirmish which can be used for Batman miniature game.

First up is the explosion template:



This represents the area damage caused by a grenade or joker teeth and other special attacks. It is made of acrylic plastic with a hole in the middle to centre over the original target. It is sturdy being 3mm thick and can be custom made to have your own font. It is also available in 9 different colours.

Next up are the KO and Knocked down markers:


These are of the same thickness and material as the explosion template. These are extremely useful because of the nature of the game characters can be knocked down regularly because of the collateral damage roll. I have until now placed my models lying down but this can often chip your hard laboured painted models.

Lastly I purchased the spray template. Again this is available in the same material and thickness as well as the same 7 colours and again you can custom the writing and font. One of the comments made was the use of seriously on the template. This maybe because of bad translation from Spanish to English but I like it as it indicates a step down from Lethal to mild:


All in all the tokens are sturdy, easily customisable, competitively priced and a great addition to your gaming aids.

MDF scenery

Next up is the mdf scenery. There are some great buildings out there already, such as from Sarissa Precision, who are producing some of the most detailed products.

Knight models are currently working on their own scenery but in the meantime people are making their own or using other companies.

CAB will be releasing their own MDF buildings soon:





This building is laser cut from mdf. It is easy to construct with the windows, fire escapes, walls and roof all cut separately.

This one retails for £13 which is really reasonable. I really like the fact that it has fire escapes, something the Sarissa Precision models lack.

For the heroes with batclaw or even villains with rifles and night vision it adds a huge level of playability.

The manufacturer recognises there are limitations, there are no internal floors and the detail is slightly less than someone like Sarissa Precision, but what you get is a sizeable building that looks good is sturdy and really playable. I have to say it is also adaptable: I used some mdf cornicing to help my building match my other ones.

As you can see CAB has some great stuff for us BMG players. What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Crispian Woolford

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