Counter Attack Bases Token Review Part 2

counter attack bases

Counter Attack Bases fills a pretty nifty niche in the wargaming market. Almost all skirmish wargames on the current market utilise tokens.

With regards to Batman Miniature Game there is a need for tokens or counters to show your actions for each model. In my previous article I reviewed two templates by Counter Attack Bases.

In this article we’ll look at their – very handy – equipment and objective tokens!

With the introduction of the new Green Arrow/Flash expansion book, all the current gangs and potential future ones have had their equipment list upgraded.

Every game of Batman Miniature Game is played according to Rep and $ to hire Free Agents or buy equipment for your henchmen. During the heat of a game it is easy to forget which Henchman has what additional equipment (unless you are referring to a gang roster).

The Counter Attack Bases tokens will help you keep track of all the equipment you brought.

The counters below are from the range by CAB and for Bane’s crew and include the new additions of Gas masks and Venom doses.


These are made from 3mm Acrylic and can be purchased for each of your individual gangs as their equipment does vary from gang to gang. These are then small enough to be placed on the character cards, so you can keep a log of who has what. More importantly: they will help you remember to use that equipment when you need to during your activation.

The other counters I’m also showcasing are the objective markers. During each skirmish each gang has to choose three objectives. I had purchased a Knight Models set, but they only have one Riddler problem to solve and for a while now the Riddler objectives have had to be in pairs.


These are a decent size and chunky with the objective laser etched from the main perspex. Again they a 3mm thickness and 30mm in diameter. They can also be purchased in different colours relating to your crew/gang and at a very reasonable price of £3.25 for the five. I’m now able to use Riddles as an objective as well as the other three I have in the Knight Models set.

Counter Attack Bases tokens

Have a look at the full range here : http://www.counterattackbases.co.uk/superhero-skirmish.


Crispian Woolford

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