BMG Two-Face Crew Tactics

I believe in Harvey Dent:

This is an article for those of you who are looking for Two-Face crew tactics for the Batman Miniature Game.

Two-Face, a twisted individual whose mind is so fragmented his decisions are based upon the flip of a coin.

Truly one of the most iconic batman villians, but… how do Harvey and his crew play in the batman miniatures game (BMG).

I’ll point out now; I’m no expert and will never claim to be.

What I am is a very passionate hobbyist who is utterly enthralled with the BMG, and hopefully some of my observations and thoughts will come in handy for fellow gamers.

I’ll start off with a few pros cons for two face himself and then discuss some of the henchmen available to two face.

You’ll notice I haven’t written anything about the mobsters, blackgate prisoners or loonies. The reason for this is that I’ve not used any of those models in game yet so feel it would be hypocritical to discuss their merits/flaws without having used them as part of my crew!

I’ve also chosen to leave out free agents at this stage for various reasons.


Harvey is a great leader, only clocking in at 101REP and armed with a tommy gun and reinforced gloves, he’s well equipped to deal with any situation.

With an incredible endurance 9 and sturdy, its going to take some serious effort to take him out the game, runaway also removes the possibility of a sneaky arrest taking place while he’s having  a punch induced nap.

Heads I win:

  • Sturdy, really means Harvey can soak up the damage and not lose action counters.
  • Attorney’s allegation (2SC) gives henchmen within 30cm an extra 2 action counters! Great if you need to spend extra movement counters for an objective grab or to revitalise henchmen who’ve received the beat stick and lost action counters.
  • Harvey is great for dealing damage from range with his tommy gun ROF 3 (X!) plus 4 ammo! Master marksman also really helps when trying to soften up higher DEF targets
  • I’d recommend going for 3/4 DEF, knocked down or injured targets to take advantage of his judgement rule, KO’ing an enemy allows you to flip a coin to see if the model is removed as a casualty!

Heads you lose:

  • Bi polar, 50/50 chance to gain or lose an action counter on each turn. I nearly put this as a positive cos it’s so freaking cool and adds to the flavour of the character!
  • Be wary of his DEF 4 coupled with numerical inferiority!
  • With reinforced gloves Harvey can dish out 2 (!!) but you really need him to be making full use of that Tommy gun, be wary of characters closing the gap and nulling his ranged ability
  • Keep your henchmen close to take full advantage of attorney’s allegation and inspire.



The henchmen hunter, his shotguns ROF 1 (XX!) means he should be looking to target henchmen with low DEF to be sure those shots aren’t wasted. Rottor’s ROF can’t drop past 1 so he is great for providing ranged support on the move; try using expendable henchmen to lure enemies into a deadly game of peek-a-boo.


The fast rule allows Mottom to re-roll dice for movement your go to guy for getting forward and trying to seize those objectives quickly. His axe is also brilliant for tackling enemies with higher DEF due to the handy rule and +1 STR due to heavy, plus 2 (XX) damage is also nothing to be scoffed at.


Coming in at a measly 20REP & $400, zwoowz is your basic ranged support henchmen. With an MG that deals 2 (XX) he’s great for chipping away at large characters or simply being used to cover areas and deny movement to the enemy.

Zwoowz is limited to 2 ammo so try and choose your targets carefully, I would recommend purchasing an extra clip or getting to those ammo crates ASAP. As Zwoowz is an alias and not a named you are able to take multiples of these henchmen, this could provide more ranged capabilities but I’d argue against as that REP could be spent elsewhere.


The cheapest henchmen available to Harvey, twoowt is not going to break the bank and can be purchased multiple times. A great addition to fill out the numbers and though he’s not threatening used alone he’s great for gaining numerical inferiority against high DEF targets or simply used to rack up the vp by grabbing those objectives while the rest of the crew do the fighting.


Another cheap henchmen option, this time equipped with a mallet (X!) to help out with those damage rolls. I’ve found puooup is great for targeting KD/KO characters and turning stun damage to injury; ensuring models are removed as casualties for those extra VP and reducing your opponent’s options.

One final flip:

My good side:

  • The cheap Henchmen have a (slightly) higher endurance (5) than equivalents in other crew, making them a little bit more durable.
  • Attorneys allegation used at the right time can really turn the tide! Try to pick your moments and make sure Dent isn’t removed before he gets to use it!
  • I cannot stress enough how good Dents ranged ability is, try to make full use and don’t be scared to target those high DEF targets!

The ugly burned by acid side:

  • No grapple gun for the henchmen, not a huge issue I know, but would provide a little mobility. Guess you’ll just have to use C4 instead and blow up lampposts (which is just as fun!)
  • Tough guys/titan? Nah, who needs them we can do this with just normal henchmen. Again not a huge issue but is something you need to be aware of
  • There’s only one two face! Yeah, at the moment there is only one variant of two face. Though not an issue in game it does limit players who like to theme gangs differently and IMHO could put people off running a Dent crew.
  • No shield wielding henchmen to cover your pricey free agents/leader. Try to make optimal use of cover and ensure you get those blink rolls!

Remember, no plan survives contact with the enemy! Although I’ve provided some ideas and (I use this word loosely) “tactics” for Two face and his crew, the BMG is all about adaptability and being clear about what you want each and every component of your crew to achieve.

So what do you think? Do you have any comments, feedback or do you have any tips or tricks of your own for Dent and his boys? Maybe you can provide some insight into how the mobsters/blackgate prisoners/loonies work with the crew? If so please feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading.

Ian Alcock

Ian has been wargaming for almost all of his adult life and enjoys nothing more than locking himself in his shed to paint and build tiny toy soldiers. Favorite games include The batman miniatures game, Bolt action and anything were he doesn't have to think too hard.


  1. Great write up Ian, I love Harvey Dent and his rules really are characterful . He can soak up and dish a huge amount of punishment.

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