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As many players from the Batman Miniature Game know, there is a set of exclusive, BMG alternate cards for a select number of models. These cards are only available at official tournaments with prize support.

Fortunately, the cards are not exclusively for tournament winners; they are given to any number of participants at these tournaments. Unfortunately, the number of tournaments available to get one of these cards is extremely limited. And the possibility to earn ALL of them is practically impossible.

So, what’s the big fuss for? Are the cards worth owning? Do they give some advantage over those of us that don’t have them? Let’s take a look at all eight and critique.


Alternate “Big Stick” Prisoner

BMG alternate cards 140939100

Henchman, Unknown           Rep: 43                       Funding: $0

BiggaStikka (1B/Heavy/Crit 3S)

360 Attack, Handyman, Runaway, Sturdy

Hates Joker/Penguin

Let’s start with the (maybe) less obvious; there’s a new henchman for the good guys! He’s not a police officer and he’s not Alfred, but he’s usable by Batman< law Forces, and Green Arrow. Nice little addition.

As a model, he seems to want to get into the mix. Sturdy, Strength 4+. 360 Attack, and Endurance 7 makes him a fair beat stick, and for a good Rep cost. The handyman is an interesting angle. Maybe they really want him to have Titan. Yeah, that could work.

He’s a solid if unspectacular henchman. Could work with just about anyone; but remember that he has not specific crew allegiance.


Alternate Ivy Plant

BMG alternate cards AudreyII

Henchman, Ivy                      Rep: 50                       Funding: $150

Poisoned Thorns (1B1S/Poison: Toxic 1), Rain of Spores (1S/ROF4/1 ammo/short/gas)

Planyt Special Rules, Elite: Plant, Control Pheromones, Poison Master

So, here, lets start with the obvious. It’s a plant. Yes, Ivy crews could use some more unique models. Yes, Ivy likes plants, and the mechanism for their use in-game is fairly interesting. Yes, it’s a plant that hits hard with both its ranged and melee attacks. But, it’s a plant. It can’t move. It has 1 ammo. So, unless you have a single spot on your table where you know there is going to be intense fighting, its probably not worth the Rep and Finding.

Mr. Pink

Alternate (almost) Gangster

BMG alternate cards T3JoNQ9u

Henchman, Black Mask/Two-Face/Org. Crime      Rep: 55           Funding: $0

Gun (2B/ROF2/AMMO2/Short range/Firearm)

Bulletproof Vest, Criminal, Informer, Primary Target: Loot, Rapid Fire, Runaway

Mr. Pink brings a little bit of everything. There’s some turn manipulation with Informer. There’s extra VP’s from his Primary Target. And there’s a real potential for violence with his Rapid Fire Gun.

Now, this is a henchman I could use! Remember here, he is not Elite: Gangster; he just plays one in the movies. Therefore, he does not take away your ability to also hire either Dirty Tom or Boris. He also is a rarity in not charging any Funding for bringing a gun. I may try him our with Branden or Red Hood in an Orguinized crime crew. Nothing wrong with an extra gun.


Alternate Ninja

BMG alternate cards Storm-Shadow-20_1376270946

Free Agent, League of Shadow        Rep: 85                      Funding: $0

Katana (2B/Sharp/Handy)

Acrobat, Elite: Ninja, Fast, Reflexes, Stealth, Veteran

A Stealth-ed cruise missile. Throw in all the goodies to make him move across the board quickly and efficiently, and he’s going to get where you want him. This could be straight into combat with any model you want. And just by carrying a katana, this ninja has potential, especially along with Attack 5(!) and Strength 4+. However, he’s also great at getting to an objective. And let’s remember, that’s the point of the game.

Still, all said, 85 Rep is pretty harsh. I could see him in a Bane crew, since Bane is looking for Blood damage, but the rest of the League seems just find in that reguard.


Alternate Clown

BMG alternate cards a1b79d4e2e5bbffbdeb61807f07424d2

Henchman, Joker                               Rep: 35                       Funding: $0

Spiked Shield (1B/Protecting)

Let’s Go, Brutal, Psycho, Persuasive

I’m not really much of an expert on the Joker, but I like the skillset here on Six. Mostly it’s the Protecting. Let me tell you the story of how Delta (shield SWAT) occupied Nite Owl for three rounds by Blocking his attacks by putting everything into Defense. Nevermind, that’s the whole story. But, now Joker has two of these shields.

At 35 Rep, this does limit the ability for Joker to bring his huge swarms. At 35 rep, Joker still has the change to bring large swarms.

Sgt. Winslow

Alternate (Carl) Cop

BMG alternate cards slide_308688_2702018_free

Henchman, Law                                 Rep: 28                       Funding: $0

Tonfa (1S/Handy/Defensive)

Lantern, Arrest, Order, Bulletproof Vest, Detective

So “Carl” actually gets to be Carl. But only for the Law Forces, so no Batman and no Arrow.

Not much to be excited about here.   Detective is nice, but you usually are not as outnumbered in a Law crew, like you might be in a Batman crew. I like Detectives for their use in Riddle Markers, but Riddle Markers can be used by the opponent as well. Arrest is always useful, but its hardly unique in the Law Forces. I mean, he is Carl Winslow, but he already was.


Alternate Talia

BMG alternate cards Talia_Power_h086

Sidekick, League                                Rep: 62                      Funding: $100

Knife (1B/Sharp), Hand Crossbow (2B/ROF1/Ammo2/Medium range/Mechanic)

Acrobat, Confusion, Elite Boss: Ninja, Martial Artist, Unpredictable

This Talia was the first alternate card ever seen. This Talia did not get a repaint. This Talia does not even change her name. Quite the hipster.

Coming in with a lower Rep and higher Funding (though remember the new Sidekick-as-Boss Funding) than the original Talia, this version does offer quite a different purpose. She brings a rare ranged weapon in the League, other than Bane’s mercs. She still maintains her ninja-like speed and stats. But, add in Confusion and Unpredictable, and she’s in another class.

OK, so Unpredictable is like super-Veteran. Any SC can be used in any stat EVEN ABOVE her ability. You want something stabbed? How about all 6 Will into Attack. Want to Dodge or Block? All 6 again. Want to cross the board in a single turn to flip the switch on that stupid Batsignal? ALL 6 AGAIN (1MC+1SC to run +4MC additional movement=average of 38cm). Oh and that Acrobat action too.

Maybe overloading on any one thing isn’t your personal preference. How about we just work with Confusion. With a simple use of 2 SC, an enemy model loses 1 Attack, 1 Defense, and cannot use any SC. I think I might be able to come up with a model or two that I might want to shut down for a single turn.

Zur-En-Arrh Batman

Alternate Batman

BMG alternate cards batman_zur_en_arrh

Leader, Batman                                             Rep: 125                    Funding: $0

Batlings (2S/Short range/Thrown)

Batclaw, Batcape, Bipolar, Detective, Devistating Blow, Kevlar Vest, Reinforced Gloves

So, I admit, I have no knowledge of this version of Batman. But, I love the idea of a Bipolar Batman!

He’s got all the standard Batman features that allow quick movement and options in combat. But with Attack 6 and Devastating Blow allowing him to damage on 2+, this Batman is very much a combat monster. Don’t hold him back!

BMG alternate cards: Conclusions

I’m not that impressed. These are mostly high-priced henchmen that don’t do much new for their bands. A Batman that attacks isn’t anything new. A clown with a shield that acts like another clown with a shield. Its not anything new for any of their respective crews.

I understand, and feel, the same concern about exclusivity in this manner. I’m often a completionist in the games I follow; its pretty near impossible to get all these cards. That said, I don’t think these are anything that people need to feel they need to play or compete. None of these alternate cards alter the game or the meta.

Andrew Campbell

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