Batman Miniatures Game FAQ 2/8/16

New Batman Miniatures Game FAQ Release

February 8, 2016

Knight Models released a new, mini-FAQ for BMG. Lets take a look at the changes in store for the game.


(Quick note: It’s a pdf. Download it. Print it. Read it. Love it.)


As highlighted in the FAQ, Fire gives 1 Blood damage for each counter at the beginning of the Victory Points and Recovery Stage. This seems to be the same wording as before, but lets make sure we understand the major implications here. This damage comes before any other part of this stage. Thus, this could cause a KO, or a KO becoming a Casualty and therefore could add to the Victory Points of an opponent.

However, this damage comes before the Recovery Phase, so its entirely possible to Recover from KO after the damage, assuming the model does not become a Casualty.

Moral of the story, make sure to have and spend the necessary Action Counters to remove Fire counters. Or, you know, don’t get them in the first place.

Supernatural Trait


Recently added, the Supernatural trait is defined and becomes a part of BMG. Admittedly, a fairly minor part, at least for now.

Supernatural: All this model’s attacks have the Magic trait (ignoring the effects of invulnerable, incorporeal, and tough skin traits)

That’s a pretty small list of models that will be negatively affected by this trait right now. There are exactly zero incorporeal models, zero invulnerable models, and one model with Tough Skin (a personal favorite in Killer Croc). Therefore, there are more models with the Supernatural Trait than there are models they can affect.

Crew Building

Holy Funding Savings, Batman!

It has been rumored before, but as of now, it is official. Whomever is chosen as Boss changes their Funding to $0. Lets say that again; Boss = Zero Funding.

So, remember when the Gordon and SWAT box didn’t work because of the funding? Or how excited you were to learn that a Deathstroke crew could work under the new Scarecrow crew, but Deathstroke’s funding meant the crew options were limited? Or how exciting is was to see Cyborg was introduced as a sidekick and could be Boss? (No? That was just me?) Well, worry no more!

Let’s take a look at the Sidekicks that benefit from the lack of Funding:

Branden $400 Opens up a lot of money for SWAT, other guns, equip; But, it does mean he cannot be paired with Leob or Leader Penguin, and therefore loses out on their funding. Branden and TV Penguin, in Organized Crime, does look intriguing.


Joker’s Daughter $100 JD benefits from Joker on the table, and with JD you cannot take Harley. I’m not seeing much reward for making JD a Boss.

Comic Talia $250 She now comes free and has Business Agent. As a member of LoS, this opens up the possibility for more equipment or more ably mixing the ninja (remember she’s lost her Elite Boss: Ninja in this version) and Bane’s mercs. Plus, she’s got a gun.

35DC101_TALIA_AL_GHUL2Nyssa $300 Same as Talia, only less so. But, she can bring the ninja’s, so there’s that.

Killer Frost $150 As the only possible Boss for a Freeze gang at the moment, this should be a welcome change. Especially since she’s potentially more likely to hire a Free Agent, as the choices for the crew are very limited right now.

(Mr. Freeze $500 Um, free Freeze? If this version of Freeze is eventually allowed to lead a Freeze gang, as Green Arrow was revised, then that’s a huge savings for a quality model. Freeze must be freed! Free Freeze!)

Red Hood $400 Not my personal favorite, but a $400 savings on a beast of a combat model is nothing to ignore. Hmm, Red Hood and Branden in an Organized Crime crew…

Arkham Knight $500 OK, $500 saved in the Scarecrew crew, which itself is pretty high on Funding costs. Yeah, that looks a lot more viable.


Origins Deathstroke $250 See Arkam Knight above. Except, this is Deathstroke.


Cyborg $500 OK, so there’s probably not much call for a Cyborg Boss out there. But, $500 saved is $500 saved. And, this leads to a Titans-lite kind of list with Cyborg, Robin and others.

Green Arrow $300 It feels like Green Arrow wants to have named characters (Sidekicks and Free Agents) hanging around. So, this helps with the funding issue, though not the Charasmatic issue.

Gordon $200 This has long been an issue. Gordon’s $200 cost was a major hurdle to putting together a Law SWAT team. His own box set could not be used under normal rules. It still isn’t perfect coming in at 168 Rep and $1100 Funding, but its much closer.

Arsenal (Speedy) $200 Again, not much in savings, but we always look for any advantage.

So, who’s your favorite new freebie?

Andrew Campbell

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  1. Supernatural: “and one model with Tough Skin”
    Kroc AND Felix Harmon aka Gotham Butcher 😉 so there are TWO guys with this rule.

    I like the idea of organized crime, with Brandon as Boss (save 400$) and Loeb as 2nd Sidekick, gifs you extra 300$ 😀

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