Batman Miniatures Game: Black Mask vs Mr Freeze Battle Report

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This is my first  Batman Battle report for Skirmish Wargaming. I had  recently bought the Reaper model from Knight Models. Once my new shiny model  was painted up, I  was keen to try him out. Tireless, Assassin/2, Blood/stun damage with combo and an Endurance of 7 is nothing to be sniffed at.


Crew List

He was automatically added  into my Black Mask crew which included: Black Mask, Reaper, Mesh, Goon, Mule Goon, Anatoly, Captain Boomerang, Prisoner 05, Inmate EO475, Inmate E0478. You can see my list here on Herobuilder.net I gave Mesh an extra magazine and scope which meant the enemy could not dodge his attacks. My opponent was my good friend Jacob, he is a mean Mr Freeze player. My last game against  his Freeze crew  was a humbling defeat. I had used the Suicide Squad but Jacob was very effective at limiting the damage from Deadshot and Katana as well as scoring really well in the scenario Dirty Money. The score was embarrassingly awful so I’ve chosen not to write it up.

We played one of the Batmatch scenarios that are used for tournaments. These make an interesting take on a game. They can be found here on the Knight Models website. Jacob had Mr Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Snowy 1-4 as well as a Pipe Prisoner and Bodyguard prisoner.

The  game  was called Trophy which was represented in the centre of the board by Nora Freeze, the beloved of Victor. Black Mask has stolen her and Mr Freeze was trying to recapture her. We set up the board which was some really old school Necromunda card terrain. It is in really good condition and has plenty of areas to provide cover. Nora was under the gantry in the middle of the board. I started in the bottom left corner. Jacob in the top right.










Turn 1

In terms of strategies Mr Freeze had Maps, Fast Advance and Ice Area. I took Tunnel, under pressure and one night to kill the Batman. Black Mask went first, I basically moved the prisoners and Inmates to the left of the board towards my ammo crate. Black Mask and Mule headed to the middle of the board. Reaper and Anatoly ran towards the objectives. Mesh held back for covering fire and the last goon stayed behind to defend Mr Freeze’s ammo crate. Captain Boomerang started in the sewer. Mr Freeze headed straight for Nora with Captain Cold and Killer Frost flanking on the left. One of the Snowys positioned himself on the high advantage of a tower. Pipe prisoner and another Snowy ran along the left of the board. With handyman the prisoner grabbed the loot scoring 1 vp.

Turn 2

Reaper tried to run towards Killer Frost stopped him. Anatoly solved a riddle gaining 1 vp. Black Mask solved the other one scoring another VP. Captain Cold fired at Reaper but missed. Snowy fired at the Mule goon causing one blood. Killer Frost moved to Nora. It was still being contested by Reaper at this point. Pipe prisoner retreated with the loot. Snowy stayed to defend the let flank. The Arkham Inmates turned to run towards Nora. Prisoner 5 fired a smoke grenade to provide cover. Captain Boomerang game out of the sewer and has frozen to the spot by Killer Frost. He threw a Boomerang into the back of Captain Cold but missed.


Turn 3

Reaper tried to run towards Freeze but was paralysed to the spot. Captain Cold then fired at Reaper causing 4 Blood. Snowy 5 tried to attack Reaper from behind but failed to wound. Black Mask launched a grenade towards Freeze but it was a dud and failed to explode. Anatoly picked up the loot and ran towards Reaper. The two inmates went to attack Snowy 5 but failed to wound. Captain Boomerang was frozen to the spot again by Killer Frost but he launched a boomerang at Captain Cold causing blood and a stun. Prisoner 5 shot at Prisoner one who was now crouched behind the ammo.He took 2 blood 2 stun and was knocked down.Snowy was hit by Mesh, getting 3 blood

Turn 4

It was now getting interesting, Killer Frost froze Captain Boomerang again and he failed to hit Captain Cold. Black Mask finished off Snowy 5. Mesh killed Snowy 3. Anatoly tried to hit Captain Cold but missed. Captain Cold  fired his cold gun at Reaper, managing to knock him down.

The Mule goon was froze to the spot by Mr Freeze. The Snowy on top of the tower fired at Captain Boomerang causing  damage, he then dived into the sewer. Another Snowy ran round the back of the central gantry to head to their ammo objective.







Turn 5

Mr Freeze Ice Blast the Goon, he was frozen and paralysed, he then turned around and fired his Ice gun at Reaper and the other Inmates but failed to damage but missed. Anatoly tried to move round to hit Captain Cold but did no damage. Black Mask tried to fire at Killer Frost but missed. He then tried to run away and follow the  Snowy heading to the ammo objective. Mesh moved up to support Black Mask. Reaper was finally dispatched by the Bodyguard with the coup de grace rule. Snowy on the gantry fired his gun at Irwin the Arkham Inmate and caused two  blood and two stun and knocked him down. The  Black Mask goon moved round to defend the Freeze ammo objective.

Turn 6

Mr Freeze froze Mule goon to the spot with his Ice Blast, he then used his ice gun on Irwin causing enough damage to KO him. Killer Frost and Prisoner guard both attacked the other Inmate contesting the Nora objective but failed to do anything. He retaliated but failed to do anything. Mesh contested the Bodyguard Prisoner to deny Freeze controlling Nora. Anatoly tired to attack Mr Freeze but failed to do anything. Captain Cold ran up the side of the board. Snowy 2 tried to claim the ammo crate but was contested by Black Mask goon. Captain Boomerang came out of the sewer, threw a boomerang at the Tube prisoner and knocked himout. Prisoner 5 tried to attack tube prisoner but failed to wound.

In the end it was a draw 11 v 11. I was happy with the result because my last game against the Freeze crew was a whitewash.


Lessons Learnt

Freeze is a hard crew to fight against. The Ice Blast and Killer Frost freeze rule are hard to counteract often leaving your crew in exposed situations. The Snowys are tough too, having defence 5 and hockey gear which cancels the sharp rule. I was happy with my crew but made a couple of errors. Captain Boomerang has primary loot, he should have gone to get that and kept hold of it. Reaper was a bit disappointing, but I think that was more down to my opponent successfully keeping him out of the game. He is a monster though, so I need to get him into combat quickly.

Crispian Woolford

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