Batman Miniatures Game: Arkham Knight Campaign Book First Look

Hi folks, its been a while since I’ve written a review but I am back with something hot off the press.

Last week saw the release of the Arkham Knight Campaign Book for the Batman Miniatures Game and here we will take a brief look at some of the exciting new content contained within its pages.

The Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight Campaign book follows the events of the Arkham Knight video game; it includes a detailed narrative campaign which lets you recreate the battles and struggles between Batman and a host of villains.

However this is not all the book has in store. In this review I would like to focus on the other goodies which Knight Models have provided us with.

This includes new vehicle rules, updated equipment lists, new game modes and an entirely separate campaign system whereby players can set up and run their own flavourful campaign!

That’s a lot of new content in one book. We now have three main rulebooks/expansions, each of which adds additional content and variety to this jam-packed game.

New Game Modes

So what shall we look at first, let’s start with the new game modes. The AK book brings us two new exciting ways to play: Battle Royale and Predator Mode.

Battle Royale gives us rules for playing games with 3 – 6 players. Using this special scenario we can engage in an all out battle between multiple factions. Special deployment zones and additional rules such as ‘free-for-all’ help to balance the game for more than two players.

The second, and in my mind most exciting, new game mode is Predator mode. In this game type one player takes control of a powerful hero, typically Batman, against a numerically superior force of goons. Using skill and cunning the hero must defeat this superior force and achieve the mission objectives.

This scenario is called upon in the Arkham Knight campaign but can be played stand alone.

I think this will make a great demo game, helping to showcase the game to new players. Who wouldn’t want to leap around buildings silently incapacitating enemy henchmen and utilising Batman’s extensive range of gadgets and tricks.

New Equipment

The game also brings new equipment for all of the crews. Some of this new equipment is specific to certain characters within your crew while others can be used by anyone. We all like new equipment, giving our current crews new and interesting items which can affect how they play in the game.

Here is one such example taken from the Batman equipment list – The Heliport.

This equipment can be taken when you include a character with the name James Gordon in your batman crew. For the princely sum of $150 his air support rule gains a firearm style attack element. This means that when you call down air support to light up an enemy character then you may also perform a free ranged attack with the firearm and BB characteristics against that model!!! Now there really is nowhere to hide from the might of the GCPD.

The Riddler is a crew which has really started to come to the fore recently. With several very different leader options and some interesting play mechanics it is possible to construct a very capable crew. The AK Book only improves up on this foundation by adding some fantastic new equipment. The AK version of Riddler can now take B.U.C. (Bots Upgraded CPU) for the small sum of $100. This allows your bots to place up to 8 clue markers on the board instead of 5!!


OK, so last but not least I would like to look at vehicles. The last expansion ‘The Flash and Arrow’ included rules for using vehicles in your games. However we only had the AK Batmobile and so vehicles were rarely seen.

I think we have all been waiting for Knight models to release some rules for additional vehicles, in particular the SWAT van model which has been out for some time.

Well now we have them; included in the book are rues for a various reskins of the AK Batmobile, new Scarecrow Militia Drone tanks, the SWAT Van, utility truck and a couple of other generic vehicles.

This will allow everyone to explore using vehicle in their games.

Swat Van

The SWAT van in particular looks very competitive, it is able to transport 4 models and effectively acts as an ammo crate, allowing the models who have disembarked to pick up an additional magazine. Loaded up with members of SWAT and the quick response team the SWAT van could rush into a dangerous spot and control the area very quickly, rushing to seize objectives or just put a road block in the way of your enemies. Backed up Gordon calling in air support and a dedicated rooftop prowler, this crew is going to be a lot of fun to play.

Goon Van

For me though, the stand out candidate has to be the Van, just a plain old Van. The van comes in at 35 rep and $200 funding. About the same as a good quality henchmen. For this price we get a fairly slow moving transport vehicle which can carry 4 people.

Not much different from the SWAT van at the moment, well it is slower and less well armored…however the occupants of this van are able to shoot from its 2 firing slots. Thus we have drive by shootings! I will now be able to load up a van with 4 of my top goons, preferably two of them armed with decent ranged weapons, drive on over to the objective and really take control of the area. And there is nothing to stop you loading up someone like Solomon Grundy into the back of the van and dropping him off in the middle of the fight.

The possibilities are endless. It also gives us modellers an opportunity to play with some conversions. Creating your own joker or Penguin goon van sounds like a lot of fun to me.

The Book

As for the book itself, it’s the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Knight Models. Their rulebooks are usually a lot more than just that, this one is no exception and is packed full of amazing artwork.

The illustrations are great and we also get plenty of backstory for the Arkham Knight campaign. We get profiles for all of the main characters which really helps to bring the campaign to life.


I have only just touched on some of the exciting new options now available to players of the Batman Miniatures Game. With this expansion we have new ways to play the game and new toys to enjoy.

I would love to hear your opinions on this latest installment.

Chris Whitehouse

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  1. Really cool review, I like how you touched on how the new rules work (and didn’t just describe them).

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