Batman Miniature Game Teams

Batman Miniature Game Teams

Batman Miniature Game Teams is one of the new additions brought by the Flash/Arrow expansion.

This is an entirely new way to play Batman Miniature Game. When the game was first written, it was based on the Arkham City videogame. Warring factions fighting for dominance in Arkham City. This was predominately a gang of henchman lead by one of the main villains with free agents bought for hire. The first team we saw was the Watchmen. A small crew, but deadly nonetheless.

Time has gone on and Knight Models have added a plethora of supporting characters. It has been difficult to field a big supporting cast of superhero teams within the current frame of the game.

Well, not anymore!

Existing Batman Miniature Game Teams

Within the book there are 4 teams being:

  • Suicide Squad
  • Teen Titans
  • Secret Six
  • Birds of Prey

These four teams have lists of who can affiliate within them and who the leader should be. At the moment, some of the teams are more limited (such as Suicide Squad and Teen Titans) because of the lack of an existing model. However, you can still field a team of sorts.

Some of these teams have particular traits or rules. Suicide Squad have one, where if you don’t achieve a certain amount of vp per turn, one of your characters is blown up by a cranium planted bomb! So the pressure is on to get those victory points.

Batman Miniature Game Teams

Creating your own Batman Miniature Game Teams

What I think is really exciting, is the potential to create your own teams! A Justice League and Injustice League or a very simple Rogues Gallery.

One of the main reasons I have become such a fan of Batman was watching the TV show growing up. Now with Batman Miniature Game Teams you can field a Rogues Gallery. I particularly enjoyed the colourful, playfulness of the Batmans’ villains which was epitomised in Batman: The Movie where the villains joined forces to defeat the UN.

Batman Miniature Game Teams

Batman Miniature Game Teams Rules

With Teams, Rep is still used, but the limit is pushed further to accommodate the higher costs of the major characters. A Rep of 450 is more appropriate.

Chose your Leader and fill the rest with Free Agents. I would go as far as say: ignore the limits of Sidekicks. You’ll have more potential. With creating your own teams you may not have any specific rules, but there are plenty of new strategies in the new expansion book. Which gives you plenty of scope for fielding your team.

Batman Miniature Game Teams

With Batman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow and Cyborg you have a legitimate Justice League. With future releases of Gorilla Grodd and Lex Luthor you potentially have the Injustice league, but you can use Joker, Poison Ivy, Ras, Solomon Grundy right away.

Batman Miniature Game Teams

Legend characters

Another new aspect of the rulebook is the Legend category. So far, there is only one: the Arkham Knight Batmobile. With Rep over 351 you can have one Legend character in your team, but they come at a price normally a huge cost in funding.

There has been some discussion about whether Superman could be a Legend model, however there would have to be some counterbalance – a Kryptonite weapon as an upgrade maybe? I’m hoping Knight Models seriously consider this.

Playing your own Batman Miniature Game Teams now

There is plenty of choice and you can start straight away. Teams only work if you both agree to using Teams and not a Team vs a Crew. Otherwise you will find yourself facing a small army and being heavily outmanned. This is just another way of playing. There will be some people who prefer the mob/gang aspect BMG was originally conceived, but with the introduction of the Marvel Game and the wealth of DC  characters introduced it seems silly not to at least have a try.

Batman Miniature Game Teams

I’m looking forward to running a Hush Batfamily/Hush villains game.

Create your own teams and post your battles on the Arkham City Limits Facebook page. I’d like to hear how you get on.

Crispian Woolford

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