Batman Miniature Game Tactics & Strategy

batman miniature game tactics

During this, my first article for Skirmish Wargaming, I thought I would touch on Batman Miniature Game tactics and strategy.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

What is strategy?

Put quite simply, strategy is a long-term plan or goal. Whereas tactics are the means by which you achieve your goal.

I have always found that having a solid strategy is the key to victory in any wargame. Tactics are often adapted throughout the course of a game and are highly situational. Deviating heavily from your strategy, on the other hand, will often spell defeat.

So how does this apply to Batman Miniature Game tactics & strategy?

A Hidden Agenda

“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved”

Your strategy will be a plan devised to achieve your aims, whatever they may be. More often than not that will be to win the game. It could also be to kill a certain character or perform a particular action. Then there are those that just like to watch the world burn; for now we will assume that winning the game is your main goal.

Firstly when deciding on your crew list you should develop a strategy.  This will often vary from crew to crew, as they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if I am choosing a Penguin crew I may decide that I will utilise  his bonus to loot. Or if I am playing as Batman I will look to make the most of the Batsignal. Ideally your strategy will also suit your particular playstyle because, after all, we play these games to have fun.

So, for the Batman crew, I may decide that in order to achieve victory, my aim will be to turn on my batsignal as quickly as possible. Then to stop the enemy from turning it off and finally to not allow the enemy to capture their own objectives; this is my strategy.

Raising The Plan

When considering the characters you will take they, should all serve some role in fulfilling your goal. The means by which they do this is called tactics.

batman miniature game tacticsFor example, I may decide that Batman will be able to batclaw over to the objective quickly.  So, I’ll take him in my crew and then a character with a whistle should be able to use it to stop any character from turning the batsignal off again.

However there are many different tactics we can employ to help us achieve victory. Admittedly some may be more effective than others, but quite often you can use different tactics to achieve the same strategical aims.

In the example above I considered batclawing Batman to the objective and then getting a guy with a whistle to stop them turning it off. This achieves my strategy of turning the batsignal on and then stopping the enemy from turning it off.

But I could have chosen an alternative tactic: I could decide that I will use a hidden or undercover character to start as close to the batsignal as possible, so that he can turn it on. To stop them turning it off, I could use Arrow and sit him in an overwatch position: if anyone tries to go and turn it off, he can fire at them and hopefully stop them.

Alternatively I could jump a SWAT guy out of the sewer in turn 3 next to the batsignal and use my hidden detective with a whistle to stop it being turned off.

There are lots of options open to players.

The great thing about Batman is that there are many different tactics you can employ to help carry out your strategy. There are a wide variety of characters available and plenty of specialist equipment. Having a clear strategy will help you to make those difficult decisions during the ‘Raise the plan’ stage.

Deviating from your chosen strategy is rarely a good idea, whereas adapting your tactics is often a must.

Adaptation is Key

“A good plan lasts until the battle begins”

As with all good plans, they rarely last past the first turn. During the course of any wargame, situations change and rarely does everything go according to plan! A pair of snake eyes can often scupper a plan before it even starts!

We’ve all seen it… You only need one successful strike to finish off a character, but… somehow it fails!

It is then that you must adapt.

batman miniature game tacticsLets look at the batman example again. Batman has activated the batsignal and the Detective (not Batman, but his police ally!) has moved up in a great position to stop anyone who tries to turn it off with his whistle. All is going well, until a clown pops a flare. Suddenly that clown with the assault rifle that you weren’t worried about can see your Detective!

Not only that, he miraculously manages to kill him, despite having two rock-solid pings. Now your plan is at risk!

You must now make decisions. This is where experience and skill in these games comes into play: knowing how to modify your tactics so that you can still achieve victory.

In this case you may decide that Batman is gonna have to return and fight off anyone who comes near with his bare fists. Or alternatively move another model up to assist.

There are a near infinite number of situations and counter actions that can arise in wargaming and these are some of the reason we enjoy these games: being forced to think on your feet and adapt in order to outwit your opponent.

Batman Miniature Game Tactics

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

Strategy begins before the game starts. It begins before you’ve picked up the rulebook. How do you like to play? What do you want to achieve in this game? Using this we then construct a plan and decide on the best characters available to help us achieve this plan.

As soon as we start rolling dice we continually re-assess modify and adapt our tactics in order to achieve our strategy.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chris Whitehouse

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