Batman Miniature Game Tactics Part 3 – Let’s Go!

batman miniature game tactics

For our third trip down Batman Miniature Game Tactics lane I’m going to take a look at one of the lesser known rules: “Let’s Go!”.

This rule applies to all henchmen, but I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen an opponent use it.

Let’s go! (har, har)

batman miniature game tactics part 3Batman Miniature Game Tactics: Let’s Go!

Every henchman in the game has this trait, but it is not listed on the corresponding character card. Instead it is detailed in the rulebook.

For those unfamiliar with this trait it works as follows:

After you have successfully activated a henchman you may attempt to activate another henchman without allowing the opponent the opportunity to activate one of their characters.

To do this the henchman that wishes to activate must spend 1SC and pass a roll. For the first henchman this is 4+, which then rises to 5+ and 6+ for subsequent activations.

Chain Activations

What this trait allows you to do is to chain activate henchmen, without your opponent being able to react and counter. It allows for some great little combination moves that I will look at shortly.

The one negative is that it requires you to spend 1SC. This is one less counter to spend that turn and there is no guarantee you will be successful. You could find you spend the 1SC only to then fail the roll and be down 1 counter!

Now there are a few traits and items of equipment which will improve your chances of successfully getting the Let’s Go and reducing the cost.

What are these?


The leader rank. If you are within 10cm of your leader you may attempt to Let’s Go for free.

This will allow you to attempt to lets go without spending the 1SC thus making it a much less risky proposition.

The sidekick rank. Sidekicks allow anyone within 20cm to re-roll their let’s go roll.

WEBBFULLFORCESPENGUINMob. The ‘Mob’ rule modifies the roll for Let’s Go!. You add +1 to your rolls for all henchmen in the crew. This will make it a little easier to pass those rolls.

Characters such as Penguin and Black Mask have these special traits.

Radio. The radio item of equipment allows you to re roll your let’s go rolls.

Using a combination of these traits and the radio you can make it much more likely that your let’s go rolls will be successful.

A henchman with a radio who is within 10cm of the leader will pass a let’s go on a roll of 3+ with a reroll, giving you just a 1/9 chance of failing.

So what sort of applications are there for this trait?


The most obvious is to use it to mob up on enemy characters and attack them without giving the enemy the chance to attack back. Hopefully stripping them of vital counters, or removing them from the game.

It also gives you the ability to outnumber the enemy character before they can move away. This works particularly well on henchmen who also have the mobster rule.

Another application is to get your henchmen out of harm’s way. By stringing a few activations together you can quickly reposition a few models so that the enemy cannot attack or, in the case of a firearm, needs to move before being able to attack.

It can also be used to set up attacks with other characters or combine their traits to take down powerful characters.

For example: you can light a target up with a henchmen carrying a lantern or laser sight, then perform Let’s Go with your shooter and shoot the target before he has had a chance to move out of the light.

Think of a man with a shield charging at, and lighting up a target so that the assault rifle half a board away can shoot at him ­čÖé


Distract is another great one. Distract a character to lower their defence and then move into bases to base. Let’s Go your next henchmen and attack in hand-to-hand to now have outnumber and┬ádistract, lowering enemy defence by 2.

Characters such as Harley Quinn have this trait.

I’m sure there are many other interesting and amusing combinations that could be performed using the Let’s Go rule. I’d be very interested to hear whether people use it or have certain applications for it.

Watch that Bat-Signal!

One caveat is that by successfully performing let’s go on your henchmen you are effectively giving the opponent passes. In that if you let’s go and they donÔÇÖt then they are almost guaranteed to have the last activation in the turn.

Sometimes you will not want to allow your opponent that luxury. For example, if he is waiting for you to perform all of your activations before switching his batsignal on!!

I hope you all enjoyed this Batman Miniature Game Tactics article. Thanks for reading and do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Chris Whitehouse

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  1. Great article! Let’s Go! is the rule myself and my fellow new players in out group forget the most (probably as it isn’t on cards). But in a game the other night I started to try it out and it’s great for mobbing people as you said.
    I’m defo going to be using it more now, and building lists around being able to do it easier.

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