Batman Miniature Game Tactics Part 2

batman miniature game tactics

In this second article (here’s the first one, if you’re wondering) I’m going to look at some more Batman Miniature Game tactics.

We previously discussed tactics and strategy and how to implement them in the Batman Miniature game. Here I shall look at some specific tactics regarding character activation.

Batman Miniature Game Tactics Part 2: character activation

Character activation is one of the most important aspects of the Batman Miniatures game.

The game uses alternating activations. Unlike in other systems you do not have to wait until the opponent has activated all of their characters, before you activate yours.

In this way the game is very reactive and the plan that you had for the turn can change and evolve throughout the course of a single turn.

Which means the first real question we have to ask is… who should activate first?

We will look at a few  general rules of thumb and then some of the more specific circumstances.


baneLeaders often have abilities that will buff your henchmen. All leaders have Inspire which gives your henchmen within 10cm an extra action counter for the cost of 1 special counter on the leader. DKR Bane also has an ability called ‘Kill Them!’ which grants henchmen within 10cm an extra attack counter for the cost of 1 special counter.

If we activate Bane first and spend those two special counters for inspire and kill them we can effectively give every henchmen two extra attack counters, and this can take you above you maximum!!

This is a very effective tactic for setting up a large attack with a mob of characters. Just remember to keep them close to Bane at the end of the previous turn so that they are within 10cm!!

This also works the other way round.

Commissioner Gordon has an ability called Take cover. This grants  1 extra defence counter in the same way as ‘Kill Them!’. If you are anticipating an attack it may be wise to activate Gordon first and grant your henchmen that extra defence ready to weather the incoming storm.

gordon and swat


Another important general rule of thumb is that if possible you want to incapacitate (KO or Casualty) a character before they get the chance to activate. Once a character has activated they are no longer a threat to you and you do not need to activate someone to deal with them until the end of the turn.

For example if Azrael has just activated and attacked my henchmen but the henchmen survives, you do not really want to activate him next in order to attack back (unless there is another incoming threat on him). He is no longer in danger and so I would save his activation until last and focus on someone who is in danger of being attacked, or who could inflict damage on a not yet activated model.

It is surprising how often you see this happen in games, especially with new players. You activate your character to attack them and then they activate theirs to attack back, wasting the opportunity to activate someone else who could achieve much more that turn.


Another high priority of mine is to rush shooters before they get a chance to shoot. There are few things as devastating as a full ROF (rate of fire) assault rifle or SMG. The ruling in the rulebook is that no character may fire their weapon if there is an enemy character K35BAC007_PENGUIN_CREW_ROYAL_PENGUINwithin 5cm of them.

There are a few very specific exceptions, but these are few and far between. By moving within 5cm you are going to force that character to move if he wants to shoot and then they will be down to ROF 1.

You do not even need to attack the shooter, just prevent him the opportunity to shoot.

Overall the idea is to eliminate the highest threats first, whether this be stopping a shooter or stripping counters off of a dangerous character.

If a character has already activated or is not a threat then you do not need to deal with them yet.

Activating Last

In the same vein it can often be beneficial to activate a character last. This might be so that they can perform an attack without fear of being attacked back. Or they might want to move onto an objective without anyone being able to react and counter that by moving to contest it.

This certainly relates to the batsignal where you almost always want to be going last in order switch it on without someone being able to switch it off. If I am playing the batman crew I will often force my opponent to go first if I take the lead so that I know I am going last in the turn.

It is often the details such as the order in which you activate and the ability to focus on point scoring that will win you games.

Thank you for reading! Do you have anything to add or remark? Let me know in the comments section below or on Facebook!

Chris Whitehouse


  1. Great article Chris, some excellent tips especially the leaders. Another thing I have often done when I’ve played is gotten bogged down with killing a certain model such as Killer Croc in revenge and neglected the objectives.

  2. Thank you. yeah its easy to get tunnel vision and just lose track of trying to score points!!

  3. I am a new batman player and this was very very helpful. Keep things like this coming!

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