Batman Miniature Game Rapid Fire January 2016

Batman Miniature Game Rapid Fire January 2016 
In the Rapid Fire articles, we take a look at the new releases coming in from Knight Models. What do they bring to the game and what do we think of the models? Enjoy!

By Andrew Campbell

So, here I was all set to actually work while at work, maybe sneak in some painting, when Knight Models drops a bunch of new releases on us.  So, naturally I have to stare at the pretty images and read the cards.


Rep: 100 Funding: $100 Free Agent



Wow, caught off guard with this release. Looks like a fairly good representation of the current, Secret Six-inspired Catman. The crouched pose has some action to it. My concern here is about the cape; likely to be fairly heavy compared to the rest of the model, and may make it unbalanced or at least difficult to attach. See: Batwoman. Also, note that he only has a two-pack of abs.



Catman wants to get up close, into combat, and do it quickly. Fortunately, he can with his use of Tracking. Climbing claws lets him get after those posed on terrain. Once in combat, Strength 4, Attack 5, claws, and Master Fighter allow him to make his mark. Order seems a bit out of place, but maybe leads us to believe there might be a future for the Secret Six.

Court of Owls (Crew 2)

High Court Member                         Rep: 37 Funding: $0   Leader, Court of Owls

O’Malley’s Son                       Rep: 30 Funding: $0   Henchman, Court of Owls

O’Malley’s Father                  Rep: 51 Funding: $0   Henchman, Court of Owls

O’Malley’s Grandfather        Rep: 33 Funding: $0   Henchman, Court of Owls



I think this set is going to be divisive. The models are fairly simple in design and detail, especially when compared with the first Court of Owls set, which had high levels of detail. That said, I happen to really like these models. They are comparative simple, but really well done in definition. They also have a uniformity that is lacking in the other Court of Owls set, though both versions seem intentional. Also, the High Court Member has such a wonderfully arrogant look.



The public wanted a 50-point model to take the Court to the tournament-standard 350; we get henchmen at 30, 33, and 51 rep.  The 51 point model takes the original crew right to 350.  But, now we have a fair amount of options to look at.

Aside from that, we get some new looks in this set of henchmen. A Bodyguard with Martial Artist can help move a companion model up the board. A Martial Artist with Distract makes a solid objective holder. A Tireless Stealth model with a Brutal, Attack 4, Sharp, 1 Blood 1 Stun weapon with Crit 2 Blood that gains an extra 2 VP for killing the enemy Boss (Assassinate) makes for an incredible threat.

For me, the High Court Member is the better leader for the Court. The combination of support skills in Demoralize, Distract, Discourage and Scheming/2 is well worth the rep cost. In addition, he carries a gun, making him a combat threat himself, while able to limit the threats to himself.


Rep: 123 Funding: $500   Sidekick: Batman



I like it. Iconic image of Cyborg with the Plasma Cannon out and ready. Good solid fighting stance without a tactical rock. It will be interesting to see how much of that detail comes out in the models and to see if they can keep the sharpness.



So, yeah, Cyborg. Defense 4, Endurance 9, Light Armor (defined! -1 to opponent Damage rolls), and Cybernetic makes him a beast of a defensive anchor. But, Fly (without Hover though) puts him most anywhere on the board. He’s a good Boss; Scheming and Order are good support pieces, and making him Boss frees Rep for other models. But, oh, that Plasma Cannon. Two blood? Beam? ROF 2? Handy? Nightvision? Um, yes please.

Harley Quinn (Animated Series)

Rep: 40 Funding: $200   Free Agent, Joker



The Animated Series models have all been great representations, and here’s another. Perfect look for Harley. Absolutely love the smirk and hand on hip. (Does this mean Animated Series Joker next month? Or Two-Face? Gordon?)



The Animated Version of Harley (fourth in the collection?) shares a lot of the traits you’ve come to love (or hate) and expect. Acrobat and Move 4 allow her access to the board and makes it difficult to catch up to her. Defense 4 could keep her safe for a while. But her real role in this version is as a support piece. “Follow Me!,” Distract and Disarray can set up a friendly model to cause some serious damage. Given that this Harley is a Free Agent, I can see Hammer, Titan Clown or Deathstroke following behind and using her abilities. That Endurance 4, though. Ouch.


Rep: 99 Funding: $0 Free Agent, Batman and Green Arrow



Another unexpected, out of the blue model. You’re killing me KM! Good fluid movement on the body of the model. Really pretty impressed by the wings; though, again, that’s going to be an awkward contact point to keep together. And, speaking of which, that looks like a heavy model to keep in a base with a single small contact point. It’s not as bad as Firefly, but it looks like a model that’s going to break off the base fairly easily.



Let’s call it out: Teamwork Hawkman means we’re going to get Hawkman. Fly and Hover are expected, and make her highly mobile and give some possible defense. She looks like she would be capable in combat; Strength and Attack 3, Weapon Master on a 1 Blood 1 Stun Handy Weapon requiring 2 Blocks per hit due to Unstoppable. This month also introduces the weapon trait of Magic—ignoring Tough Skin, Invulnerable, and Incorporeal. Add in Fly High, and Hawkgirl can get anywhere on the board safely on turn two, and smash it in the face. Repeatedly. Pair with Green Arrow and enjoy!

That’s it for this month’s Batman Miniature Game Rapid Fire, tune it again in a couple of weeks when we’ll salivate over the next bunch of releases!

Andrew Campbell

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