Batman Miniature Game: Rapid Fire December 2015


Each month, we plan on reviewing the new releases from Knight Model’s Batman Miniature Game.  Today, we take a quick look at the latest releases for BMG. These thoughts are not intended to be a full look at the models and their rules, but rather a quick scan of the possibilities these new models present.

Batman (Animated Series Version)

Rep: 80 Funding: $0



Good, clean representation of the Animated Series. Personally, I did not watch this show, but I can see the attraction it will bring to the game. There is still a following, and bringing that feel and vision to the tabletop game will excite players.



I personally love the ruleset here. I’m not a fan of high-price (Rep: 100+) models as it limits the ability to shape a band. Acrobat, Batcape, Batclaw make him highly moble. Detective gives great game ability. Martial Artist, Reinforced Gloves, 3+ Strength, 4 Attack and Defense, and Batlings make him highly competent in combat. What more do you want? This may become my go-to Batman.

Black Manta

Rep: 120 Funding: $350



I remember Black Manta from the 1980’s Justice League cartoons. The iconic bug-eye head is there, which is wonderful. The pose is somewhat action-y, but a little awkward. The release of this model seems to come out of nowhere; maybe BMG is moving toward the more powerful metas?



Good weapon combo;he’s a combat machine. A Sharp blade with 1 Stun and Blood, Attack 4, Strength 4+, and Weapon Master make him very capable in melee and able to get there. A 3 Blood beam with Crit: Casualty, Nightvision, Tracking and Stealth allow him to play the ranged support. Throw in Scientific and Strategist, and he’s VERY well-rounded. Other than the cost to hire him, there’s not much to dislike here.

Catwoman (animated Series Version)

Rep: 50 Funding: $0



The Animated Version is a lot closer to the classic comic image. Its got good lines and is not too cartoon-y; thumbs up for me.



Again, a simple ruleset for the Animted Verison, Agile, Acrobat, Climbing Shoes, Pickpocket, Movement 4, Defense 5. From the Arkham Knight series version, Catwoman lost Sneak Attack (rarely used) and Primary Target: Loot. The second loss is pretty significant; a standard tactic is to use the AK Catwoman to grab Loot and run to build VP’s.

The Animated Version still has the capability to grab Loot and run, but won’t be able to build VP’s in the same manner, but comes in cheaper by 16 points. Difficult choice.


Rep: 75   Funding: $100



Pretty standard East Asian swordsman pose, though at least there’s some movement to it. I’m happy to see her and hope that this helps lead to other bands (Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey), but I’m already dreading what is likely to be a three-point connection for the arms.



Another combat machine. Stealth and Acrobat to get her where she wants, Feint, Defense 4, and Endurance 6 makes her capable of potentially holding off a high-level opposing model. Precise Blow, Martial Artist and a 2 Blood Katana with Handy, Sharp and Enervating make her an amazing henchmen killer. Adaptable allows her to move between roles within a round. By the way, is this the first melee Blood damage in a Batman band?

Militia Gatling Brute

Rep: 53   Funding: $850



Pretty much what you would think if you’ve seen the Scarecrow militia and the Harley/Joker Gatling gun. I’m a fan of the Scarecrow militia look; its one of the strongest, and probably my favorite, of the henchmen as a unified look in the game. The one negative I see is that the head seems a little small for the body.



Again, pretty much what you would expect if you saw the rest of the Scarecrow militia and Harley/Joker’s Gatling gun. Gasmask and Elite (Militia Brute) as a member of Scarecrow. Large, Sturdy, Anti-Tank, Imprecise, Invaluable, Movement 1 for the Gatling gun. Light Armor shows up, but is as of yet undefined. New rules?

Riddler’s Mech

Rep: 123   Funding: $0



OK, easily the most expensive model in the KM BMG line. By comparing the base to the model and its image next to a standard 35mm model, this appears to be the largest model in the line, surpassing Titan Joke, Butcher, and Titan Bane. It looks taller and less wide than the Arkham Knight video version, but otherwise true to the image. However, once again, KM’s requirement that all Large Models fit the same base size make this model an awkward fit on its base.



Where to start?

It fits the Riddler band, with the Objectives? rule and Can you Solve This? It adds another Beam weapon, the third in two months.

This one has Knocked Down added, and although unlimited in range, Riddler’s Bot does not have Night Vision, nor access to any Free Agent or Henchmen with a Torch (anyone wanna fact check me here?). Energy Field and Endurance 9 help keep it upright, and the Willpower of 8 is highly respectable. Bot-Bomb is a multi-use version of the DKR Joker.

Since the Riddler wants his Clue markers out for as long as possible, and the enemy needs to manipulate the Clues, this is a good way to discourage weak henchmen from making that manipulation attempt. Leave the Riddle Bot next to the Clue, and blow it up when the opponent nears.

I think this is a stand back and wait kind of leader, letting the Bots move out and lay their Clues; this Riddler wants Free Agents to directly oppose the enemy’s plans.

Hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to comment or debate. Or let me know if there’s a specific one of these new releases you’d like to discuss in more detail.



Andrew Campbell


  1. I know, i’m a little bit late but about the Riddler-Mech:
    “This one has Knocked Down added, and although unlimited in range, Riddler’s Bot does not have Night Vision, nor access to any Free Agent or Henchmen with a Torch (anyone wanna fact check me here?)”
    The only one with a lantern is Prisoner #5 so far 🙂

    • Thanks for the follow-up! That’s a pretty significant limitation; I’m hoping there will be more for those bad guys. Seems like, since they’re always up to something at night, that some of them might want to carry a torch…

  2. Also regarding the Riddler-Mech, the Riddler Crew can take up to two flares for 300$ each. So the whole field can be illuminated and mostly the threat of being able to do this and then shoting anyone in sight will have other Crews keep their heads low. To further strengthen the psychological effect of this you should mention this mechanic at the start of the game: “Oh, and by the way, I have a flare with me that can illuminate the whole field for one turn. That means the Mech can shot at anyone in line of sight. I’m mentioning this just to be fair to you, so later on you don’t feel bad about the hits you will take”. After that your opponent will not dare to even have theoretical LOS with the Mech…

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