Batman Miniature Game PolderCon 2015

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The dust has settled and PolderCon 2015 is over! What a day!

Aiming to be the largest participation gaming day in the Netherlands  and Belgium, PolderCon was held on February 8th in Utrecht. More than other conventions, PolderCon has a distinct emphasis on participation: the entire space was stacked with gaming tables.

Participants had to register for their games-of-interest up front, ensuring you’d get playtime with the games of your choice. No random demo times or “let’s see if we can get a game in”!

Of course, I was there demoing the Batman Miniature Game. Over the course of four one-and-a-half hour demo sessions, I introduced 8 new players to the game. Though utterly exhausting (thank God for my wife who brought pizza and beer when I got home ;)), it was a TON of fun.

Enough talk! PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Click the pics for a larger image!

Demo session one saw fellow Arkham City Limits member Niels bring his own Joker crew! His opponent picked the Bat to play with, so Penguin was sidelined for now.

Seeing as I had no experience fighting Joker, I wasn’t able to help the Bat-player at all. Hilarity ensued as Niels revealed all of Joker’s nasty tricks!


Team Batman, with several players pointing out the excellent painting of NightWing’s buttocks. I probably did spend too much time on that.


Joker’s goons lined up. Mr. Hammer is nuts scary.


A better view of pretty boy’s butt.


Joker takes aim with his revolver…


BOOM! Bats takes one to the chest. Struck down, but not destroyed…


He quickly swoops in to exact revenge!


I have no idea where Nightwing is at this point… but Bats is in over his head!

At this point it might be good to share something about the scenario I used.

In the photos you’ll notice two large crates. These are ammo crates. I ruled that each crate in your deployment at the end of the game awarded 3VP. The crates could be carried by spending 1MC. Also spending 1MC, you could take a clip of ammo out of the crate, once per game per model.

I should also point out that only once in four games did the players actually try to score points, instead of simply beating each others’ heads in!

Moving on! 😉


Game 2. Batman and Nightwing now face the Penguin!


This time, the dynamic duo has to deal with KILLER CROC!


Penguin keeps a close eye on his investment.


Realising he’s outnumbered and swamped, Batman goes for the high ground!


Croc follows him up the building, but Batman uses his bat claw to swoop out of reach of the raging reptile!


Croc in pursuit of the Bat, while Nightwing and Penguin engage in a “Bird-off”.


Demo #3, where one of the objectives is once again the object of much animosity!


Demo #4, with the Bat succeeding to place a crate in his own DZ. Only to have it stolen by Croc again! In the mean time, Penguin’s other goons steal the other crate!


At the edge of Penguin’s DZ, Batman only just grabs one of the crates and pulls it from the DZ. To no avail, as Penguin still has his hands on the other one! The only win of the day!

Hopefully the photos show how much fun we had. Even with a simple objective, the game can be very varied. All 8 players handled the game differently, which was enlightening to experience.

Though four demos in one day was a bit much, I will most certainly be at this again in the future. And if you haven’t played the BMG yet, you totally should! If you’re near Utrecht in the Netherlands, I would be happy to accommodate you…


Henrik Becker

Henrik plays wargames in order to hold on to the last part of his masculinity, which is in constant danger due to the sheer amount of daughters at home. Favourite game is SAGA by Studio Tomahawk.

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  1. Ha! We use the exact same wallpaper for our street table. I’m building a more detailed tiled street section, but this stuff is wonderful.

    It sounds like a great game.

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