Base Toppers from Zen Terrain Review

zen terrain base toppers

Base toppers. They’re relatively new to the wargaming scene and very hip.

I love scenic bases. And apparently, I’m not the only one: I’m seeing more and more gamers tempted by resin-cast bases. They add a really cool scenic element to your models, raising their overall look. Our pretties deserve the best, no?

However, there’s also gamers who have a problem with resin bases. Many of the designs tend to raise your models up in height. This is where base toppers come in.

Base toppers, usually made from cardboard, make your bases look awesome without raising the height.

Neat, huh?

So without further ado:

Zen Terrain base toppers: for everyone who prefers inconspicuous scenic bases!

Zen Terrain Base Toppers

Wait, did you say Zen Terrain?

Yeah, you know. Those guys from Poland with the awesome sci-fi line of 28mm MDF buildings.

They do a lot more than just make buildings. They’ve got 15mm terrain, 20mm terrain… scatter terrain, cars… even a gaming mat!

And base toppers. Right.

Now, Zen sent me a bunch of these to review. A lot of the designs in the box were very new and prototype-y.

A couple of the designs, however, are already available in the webstore:

We’ve got the cyber set which you can find right here and looks like this:

zen terrain base toppers

And then there’s the FUTURA line, which you can find here and looks like this:

zen terrain base toppers

They come in various sizes (like 40mm, 50mm, etc) and two thickness levels (0,5 and 1,5mm) to satisfy all your basing needs.

There’s a couple more designs in there by now, be sure to check them out.

Zen Terrain Base Toppers in real life

Now those are all some sexy looking paint jobs, but how do these base toppers look for real?

Here’s a couple of Infinity models I based up on the CYBER line:

zen terrain base toppers

These are the 0,5mm base toppers. Here’s what I love about them: as mentioned their height is minimum, but their presence gives the base a “3D” kind of feel.

This is even more visible with the 1,5mm toppers. A comparison:

zen terrain base toppers

The material, as I mentioned, is high-density cardboard. This allows for such thin base toppers. A company like Customeeple also provides base toppers in thin plasticard, but they are a little rougher around the edges (literally!).

Speaking of Customeeple (the only company I could find that’s in the same market – although there are undoubtedly more companies producing base toppers). The main difference between their base overlays and these from Zen are the fact that Zen leaves their toppers “open”.

In other words: you can still see the base itself.

This allows for a the aforementioned “3D” effect, which I think is neat and quite unique.

One thing to keep in mind is that, since we’re talking cardboard, you should be careful with water. Not thinking about this I submerged my based models in some soapy water to remove fattiness.

When I pulled the minis from the water, the cardboard had already started coming off – in several thin layers, I might add! I managed to save them, but they don’t look as crisp as they used to. Something to look out for!

Base toppers by Zen Terrain: verdict

If you’re looking for a sleek way to improve your bases, look no further. These are by far the sexiest base toppers I have seen. And while you’re at it, order some of that amazing looking terrain from Zen Terrain!


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