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Hey, this is a quick little follow-up to the Austrian Salute Report post. In this I tell you about the toys I bought at the show and list my excuses why I did so.

Here’s the pile of shame:

Yeah, I indulged this year. From the back left:


A company of 15mm Volksgrenadiers

Why it was completely justified:

  • For VIVAT in fall we’re planning to do a 15mm Big Chain of Command Battle of the Bulge table.
  • A friend needed to get rid of those minis and he helped me heaving the big glass display cabinet from Austrian Salute’s venue back into the car.
  • It was cheap and I got a free Volkssturm Platoon (bottom left) on top!


Four Resin Portable Outdoor Toilets

Why it was completely justified:

  • You never know when you need them.
  • Very universally useful. For ..err… modern zombie things? I got a sizeable collection of Zombies, civilian and survivors! Also useful for sci-fi urban warfare things or for general toilet humour.
  • Rather cheap.
  • Something you can’t get everywhere.


4Ground Feudal Japanese Rice Hut

Why it was completely justified:

  • I really like Feudal Japanese terrain, and this is one of the few things for which I think 4Ground stuff works rather well.
  • I had my 28mm Samurai with me on the day and they were well received by people, so the little lead men deserve a treat.
  • You can never have too much terrain for skirmishing.


Perry Miniatures Mounted French Infantry Colonels

Why it was completely justified:

  • Okay, this is a bit far-fetched, but I got a 28mm French Napoleonic force for Sharp Practice recently and I need Big Men models for those.
  • Perry Miniatures aren’t that easy to get a hold of ’round here on a small scale.

So yeah, all in all possibly not quite justified to get those. Let’s see how the 28mm Sharp Practice Napoleonic plans unfold.


Warlord Games Pike&Shotte Mule Train

Why it was completely justified:

  • This one will work for pretty much anything medieval to modern skirmish wargaming if I switch the driver if necessary. At the very least for a scenario objective or scenic bit.
  • Support choice for Sharp Practice.
  • It’s just one of those things that very often come handy.


Rogue Stars Rulebook

Why it was completely justified:

  • The demo table at Austrian Salute was really nice. 😛
  • I’m a fan of Andrea Sfiligoi’s rules. Skirmish gaming rules with very few models (4-6 in this case) is a very tricky thing to pull off. I was curious how and if he did it.
  • I really want to make use of my Infinity collection again.


Knight Models’ Dynamic Duo

Why it was completely justified:

  • It’s the gosh-drat darned Bat Man!
  • I never did anything with Knight Models’ minis
  • Pure whorish attention-grabby motifs. 😉


Sloppy Jalopy Miniatures 1/48 Crossley 19.6 Custom

Why it was completely justified:

  • Very pretty.
  • I’d never done anything with a Sloppy Jalopy Miniatures kit
  • 28mm civilian cars are always useful. This one will work for WW2, Pulp stuff, up to ultra-modern zombie gaming as an oldtimer.


Grumpy Old Tin Game Markers

Why it was completely justified:

  • Support local dudes, especially if they make the effort and attend shows.
  • I do occasionally play things which require markers such as these and I really like the woodgrain look.


It’s very much a mix of odds and ends, but as I very clearly laid out it’s all very much justified and yet another testament to my soundness of mind and good senses!

Sigur Squirl

Sigur is the painter behind "Battlebrush Studios" and a familiar face in many wargaming circles online. Plays a metric ton of skirmish wargames and shares his experiences here on the blog.

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