After Hours Workshop Terrain & Bases Review

After Hours Workshop

After Hours Workshop is a new wargaming terrain vendor from Poland. If you’re looking for something new and a little different for your sci-fi table, look no further. In this review, we’ll look at their range of terrain, as well as some of their bases.

Disclaimer: After Hours Workshop provided some of their items to us with a very friendly discount!

After Hours Workshop: Terrain

After Hours WorkshopAfter Hours Workshop (find them here) offers a very sci-fi looking line of MDF terrain. The theme represents an urban hive. A lot of the terrain is stackable, which makes for all kinds of interesting combinations. The buildings are also hexagon-shaped, which gives the entire line a very different feel from many alternatives.

Besides a couple of buildings (a larger Commoner’s Block and smaller SleepHoles), there’s interesting looking scatter terrain. The Fountainpots are great for providing some partial cover in between the buildings. And the large platforms add different levels of elevation to your table: very very cool.


After Hours Workshop

The sets come unassembled, but all individual pieces have already been removed from their boards. There are no instructions in the package (or on the website, for that matter), but the kits aren’t hard to figure out. All the pieces come together well.

After Hours Workshop

The material is the fairly standardly used 3 MDF. If you’re wondering: like most MDF out there, it sucks paint like nothing else. My trick: I tend to coat the MDF with a cheap acrylic paint, using a brush. That seals it up quite nicely. If you take the rattle can to it afterwards, it coats without problems.


After Hours Workshop

As you paint the buildings, you start to notice all kinds of nice details. The way the lines run, the shapes of the buildings. It looks and feels like there’s purpose behind it all. And once you start stacking buildings, it all comes together nicely.

After Hours Workshop: Bases

After Hours Workshop

After Hours Workshop currently offers three sets of bases: a set that resembles a church floor, a set that resembles  starship decking and, very recently added, a set that represents an Asian garden (but with a sci-fi touch!). All three sets are very unique looking.

After Hours Workshop

The bases come in 3mm MDF with the details etched into it. I’m not generally a fan of MDF bases (vs a more solid material, like resin), but I can’t argue with these: I think the design is outstanding. I added plastic bases underneath mine to create a bit of a “platform” effect.

After Hours Workshop

After Hours Workshop: Verdict

After Hours Workshop

I’m quite taken by this particular terrain. It’s got it’s own style. It’s designed well, with tons of options for different layouts. It’s very obviously fitting for Infinity The Game, but you could just as easily use it for any other wargame.

I haven’t yet mentioned pricing, but I will here: it’s really, really affordable. The bigger Commoner’s Block will only set you back €13,16. You can easily fill a table with prices like that. However! Postage from Poland tends to be pretty high, even with smaller parcels. If you order, make sure you order all you need at once.

Go pick some up from the After Hours Workshop site right here. If you’re in the US and Canada, you can order their stuff from Every Little War, which is nice.




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  1. Is it just me or do the space between the steps look really big on the buildings? I agree their buildings and bases look fantastic but their stairs are throwing me.

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