Acrylic Wargaming Tokens by Art of War Studios Review

acrylic wargaming tokens

Acrylic wargaming tokens have been getting increasingly popular. A lot of businesses have gotten into laser cutting MDF kits: cutting acrylic tokens using the same machine is a logical extension!

But then some folks have taken it to the next level. In this review, we’re going to look at some of the amazing tokens we got from Art of War Studios (run by Grantt Ennis and his lovely spouse) at a review-friendly discount. ­čÖé

Art of War Studios Acrylic Wargaming Tokens

Cutting some tokens on the side is one thing. Grantt Ennis, however, is making a living out of it! Sure enough, if you look over the Art of War Studios webshop, there’s all sorts of goodies for all kinds of games: your Games Workshop favorites, X-Wing, Infinity and literally a dozen more game systems.

There’s passion and dedication behind this webstore and it shows.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Infinity tokens. Not only were those the ones we needed – they are also designed in especially clever and creative ways, as you’ll see.

Tokens. Lots of tokens.

Every Infinity player knows tokens are a big deal. You’ve got quite a few to sort out. Just take a look at my new “token box” down below:

(I’m sure there’s X-Wing players scoffing at me right now. That’s fair enough lads, Art of War has plenty for you folks, as well – including v2 stuff.)

Core sets

Fortunately, especially for new players, Art of War takes the pain out of buying new tokens, as they have pre-selected lots of tokens for you. They’ve done this for various games, so if you’re just starting out and don’t know what you need, look for a core set like this one for Infinity.

The tokens

If you take a closer look at the above picture, you’ll notice there’s a white layer across many of the tokens: that’s how they’re supplied to you. You’ll have to peel off the plastic yourself. That’s kind of a hassle, but it does ensure everything arrives unscratched and pristine in your mail box (also, I imagine that’s simply how the acrylic slabs are supplied to the laser cutter).

There’s something else Grantt recommends you do with your tokens: fill out the etched parts with a crayon. You can leave the tokens for what they are just fine, but it does look prettier if you take the effort to follow the advice:

Creative design

I mentioned creativity. I think this is where Art of War Studios shines. Instead of just cranking out some flat tokens, there’s some really cool stuff in there.

Check out this smoke marker, for example:

Note the design and the fact that it’s opaque acrylic! Compare that to this equally awesome camouflage “token” (that word doesn’t do it justice!”) that’s completely transparent by contrast:

And while I didn’t get them, I freaking love the monofilament mines and nanoscreens tokens:

acrylic wargaming tokens acrylic wargaming tokens

Add to this Grantt’s excellent communication and his willingness to help you out with custom work, we’ve got a winner.

Art of War Studios acrylic wargaming tokens: conclusion

They’re pretty, they’re creative, they’re practical – and they’re not that pricey, either.

Whether you play Infinity, Malifaux, a GW game, X-Wing or something else completely…

Go get some today!


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